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Authors interested in submitting papers are advised to check the Paper Author Resource Page and read Requirements for Submitting Papers. Authors submitting papers in response to this Call for Papers should submit full papers for peer review to the Transportation Research Board online at www.TRB.org/AnnualMeeting. Paper submission is open from June to August 1. The paper submission website will close when it is no longer August 1 anywhere in the world. When submitting please indicate the Call for Papers title if you want your paper to be associated with a call. Note that this will not affect your chances of acceptance. Please contact the Call for Papers organizer if you need additional information.

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Call For Paper Title
Urban Transportation Big Data
Call Description

The TRB Standing Committee on Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems (ABJ30) and ABJ30 sub-committee on Urban Big Data (ABJ30(2)) invites authors to submit high quality original papers for consideration for presentation at the upcoming TRB Annual Meeting in 2017. Papers are invited under the broad theme of urban big data acquisition, collection, management, data integration, big data analytics and visualization. Any urban transportation data sets that can be characterized by extremely large size (often gigabytes or terabytes of data), high processing speeds (real time data processing, for instance), and high variety or disparate kinds of information in the data are a subject of interest for this call for papers. Papers on both simulated and observed big data relevant to urban transportation systems are invited. The authors are especially encouraged to submit papers on

  • Innovative data analytics
  • Urban transportation big data visualization and analysis tools
  • Passenger and freight big data relevant to urban transportation planning and forecasting processes
  • Innovative approaches to data management and data acquisition
  • Innovative data collections of urban travel big data
  • Data integration (success stories and lessons learned)
  • Collaborations between departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, local and regional planning agencies and private sector on data acquisition and data processing
  • Big data licensing and distribution

Please indicate ABJ30 on the Submission Review form to indicate that the paper is being submitted in response to this call for papers and email your paper title and paper number to the paper coordinators listed below to ensure appropriate routing for review. Reviews of the papers will be performed by members of the Urban Big Data Sub-committee and other qualified experts, and will form the basis for final recommendations (e.g., presentation, publication).

This year, ABJ30 will be identifying one paper reviewed by the committee for committee recognition as “best paper 2017”.  Please indicate on the cover sheet of your submission if you wish to be considered for the best paper award. The selection of the best paper will be primarily based on significant scientific or practical contribution.

Vladimir Livshits (vlivshits@azmag.gov)

Kristin Tufte (tufte@pdx.edu)

Stacey Bricka (sbricka@etcinstitute.com)


Organizer Name
Stacey Bricka
Organizer Email
Primary Sponsoring Committee
Subcommittee on Urban Big Data
Secondary Sponsoring Committees or Subcommittees


Primary Subject Area
Data and Information Technology
Secondary Subject Areas


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