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Call For Paper Title
Equity in transportation: theory, methods and practices
Call Description

The definition of a framework for unpacking transport disadvantage and social inequalities factors is a key element for analysing transport and equity. There are three main  aspects related to this relationship: 1) to what extent transportation contributes to inequalities; 2) how can equity and social inclusion perspectives help to explain differences in people’s travel behaviours; and 3) how to better consider equity in transport project evaluation and decision making.  This requires the development of alternative methods for measuring equity in transport, including accessibility and capability-based measures, and a new understanding of the benefits of achieving a more equitable provision of transportation benefits. 

The main goal of the call is to attract a critical mass of research papers with a deep understanding of notions of equity and to disseminate their methodological skills in addressing equity in various (research) contexts and settings.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Notion of equity: Conceptual framework for defining equity in social goods supply and planning (i.e. transport, education, health).
  • Data: Efforts for characterizing the social equity influence in transportation contexts and use of new data sources for transport (i.e. smart data, social fare systems innovation).
  • Models: Conceptual framework development and/or inclusion of relevant social equity theory in new activity-based models, utility-based models and structural equation modelling.
  • Policy: Use of new social equity model to engage with policy makers and the public in order to develop a wider accessible transportation system and land use policies, interventions, and scenarios.
  • Paradigm shifting: The use of needs (even in terms of safety and security, and in a gender perspective) of transport instead of actual trips for modelling the transport demand.

Papers for publication and/or presentation must be submitted before August 1, 2016. TRB paper specifications are found online at:


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Authors who have submitted papers in response to this call are requested to send AN E-MAIL WITH THE PAPER NUMBER, TITLE, AND ABSTRACT to  Floridea di ciommo (floridea.diciommo@upc.edu) by August 1, 2016.

Organizer Name
Floridea Di Ciommo
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Primary Sponsoring Committee
Standing Committee on Women's Issues in Transportation (Changed to Standing Committee on Women and Gender in Transportation, AME20, on 4/15/2020)
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