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Call For Paper Title
Transport Games: Serious and/or Fun?
Call Description

The TRB Gaming and Participatory Simulation Subcommittee (ABJ95-3) is seeking papers on the topic “Transport Games: Serious or Fun?”

Playing games is one of the most popular applications on mobile devices and computers. Games are increasingly being used by private companies, NGOs, government agencies, and individuals for serious purposes such as education, engagement, information sharing and marketing. There are many examples of transportation games, but not much detailed research on the topic and/or consolidated sources of information that could be useful for future research or to help with practical application.

The goal of this session is to address these problems by presenting papers describing examples and best practices for the use of games in transportation. Potential papers could describe:

  • Educational games (e.g., games to teach players how to use a public transport system; games to teach players about designing transport networks; games designed to illustrate trade-offs between transport projects or ideas; etc.);
  • Engagement games (e.g., games designed to encourage players to get involved in a transport planning process, games designed to make players think about transportation problems; etc.);
  • Marketing games (e.g., games designed to create a positive impression of an agency or transportation service; etc.);
  • Exploration (i.e. the games that encourage exploration of an area, neighborhood, city or institution, like a museum)
  • Virtual Reality games that leverage completely immersive or augmented realities.
  • Gamification (i.e., the use of game-like techniques by transport agencies, NGOs and companies in non “pure game” applications including leader boards, reward schemes, etc.);
  • Surveys on the effectiveness of game use in transportation;
  • Transportation games and public involvement;
  • The use of non-digital games by transportation agencies and providers;
  • Other similar topics.
Organizer Name
Andy Nash
Organizer Email
Primary Sponsoring Committee
Standing Committee on Visualization in Transportation (Changed to AED80 on 4/15/2020)
Secondary Sponsoring Committees or Subcommittees

AP020 - Standing Committee on Innovative Public Transportation Services and Technologies

AP025 - Standing Committee on Public Transportation Planning and Development

AP030 - Standing Committee on Public Transportation Marketing and Fare Policy

Primary Subject Area
Data and Information Technology
Secondary Subject Areas


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