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Call For Paper Title
New Approaches to Maximizing the Benefits of New Transportation Technology and Organization: The “Sharing” Economy including the impact of Automated Vehicles
Call Description

Recently US DOT released reports on Federal Automated Vehicles Policy and general transportation policy -Beyond Traffic 2045. The TRB Strategic Management Committee (ABC10) is interested in research, analysis and practices that meets the goals of those initiatives as they related to “Sharing” transportation models including the related introduction of Automated Vehicles.  Major changes are on the horizon for our Transportation systems from the implementation of sharing models and the rapid development of new vehicle technologies for both passenger vehicles and freight.  Too often in the past the management, regulatory and infrastructure needs were developed either sequentially or on separate tracks from the technology even though they should be closely linked to each other.  


This Call for Papers urges researchers and practitioners to address challenges posed by the development and implementation of the Sharing economy and new transportation technologies in a holistic, concerted fashion.  Below are example topical areas:


  • International, national, regional, and local transportation policies, strategies, and regulations that will promote the evaluation and adoption of new technologies/transportation models and create a governance system that enables and incentivizes innovation while maintaining safety
  • Data, metrics, and analytical tools that are required to assess the impacts and benefits for the transportation and the economy and provides direction on the appropriate level of infrastructure and governance changes needed to support sharing models and automated vehicles
  • Case studies that highlight integrative approaches of addressing implementation of Sharing transportation models and new transportation technologies (esp. automated vehicles passenger cars and for Freight) in the planning, development, construction, operation and maintenance of transportation systems and infrastructure.


Papers for publication and/or presentation must be submitted before 1st August, 2017. TRB paper specifications are found online at:http://www.trb.org/GetInvolvedwithTRB/Public/GetInvolvedSubmitPaper.aspx


At the bottom of the TRB paper submission form, please indicate your paper is intended for the selected committee involved in the call. Be sure to include this Committee name and number with the paper submission.

Organizer Name
Robert A. Hanson
Primary Sponsoring Committee
Standing Committee on Strategic Management (Changed to AJE10 on 4/15/2020)
Secondary Sponsoring Committees or Subcommittees


Primary Subject Area
Administration and Management
Secondary Subject Areas


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