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      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

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Workshop 1069

Latest Innovations in Accelerated Bridge Construction

Sunday 1:30 PM- 4:30 PM
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Ahmad Abu-Hawash, Iowa Department of Transportation, presiding
Mary Ralls Newman, Ralls Newman, LLC, presiding
Sponsored by:
Section - Structures (AFF00)
Subcommittee on Accelerated Bridge Construction (AFF00(2))
Standing Committee on General Structures (AFF10)
Standing Committee on Steel Bridges (AFF20)
Standing Committee on Concrete Bridges (AFF30)
Section - Construction (AFH00)
Standing Committee on Construction of Bridges and Structures (AFH40)





This workshop consists of three one-hour sessions comprising presentations and discussions. Presented are implementation-ready findings and products on (1) FHWA’s Quality Assurance Essentials and Case Studies for ABC Project; (2) the Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC) research projects on innovative ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC)-based solutions for ABC and accelerated repair and upgrade of substandard bridges; and (3) the use of visualization, 3-D modeling, and virtual-reality technologies in ABC projects.

Topic 1: Quality Assurance Case Studies and Guidance Documents for Accelerated Bridge Construction – FHWA Research

Description:  ABC is now starting to be considered a mainstream practice of bridge owners across the country. A few gaps in information still exist, including quality assurance (QA) aspects of ABC. This is not to say that any known concerns exist with ABC methods and the longevity of bridges built using these methods; rather, QA in ABC still merits examination and guidance development. These presentations outline research being conducted for FHWA to develop user-friendly tools available for bridge owners in the form of guidance documents and visual quick reference guides.

Case Studies in Quality Assurance for ABC (15-minute presentation & 15-minute discussion / feedback activity of current practices of workshop participants)

The presentation provides an overview of five case study states and projects including questionnaires, interviews, state-specific document reviews focused on Design Quality Management, Quality Management during Precast Operations, and Quality Management during Installation.  Findings including best practices and lessons learned will be discussed.

Presenters:  Kelley Severns, P.E., PMP, Assistant Vice President – Bridge Research, WSP Complex Bridge, Kelley.severns@wsp.com; Suriyanarayanan Sadasivam - Lead Researcher, WSP Advisory Services; and Adam Stockin, PE – Supervising Structural Engineer, WSP Complex Bridge, adam.stockin@wsp.com

Quality Assurance Guidance Tools – FHWA (20-minute presentation & 10-minute Q&A / feedback on the documents)

Two tools were developed in this FHWA research.  This presentation discusses QA program guidance for ABC based on five case studies and analysis. Guidance is applicable nationwide for various project types/sizes and will reinforce good practice, specifically addressing areas of risk that are unique to ABC. Guidance will be ready to incorporate into State Bridge Manuals. Also discussed will be a stand-alone visual ABC Inspection Identification Manual covering field QA inspection for handling and installation of structural precast concrete elements. Photos and descriptions compare and contrast proper techniques with improper techniques.

Presenters:  Kelley Severns, P.E., PMP; Suriyanarayanan Sadasivam; and Richard Duval, FHWA, Richard.Duval@dot.gov


Topic 2: Innovative UHPC-based Solutions for ABC and Accelerated Repair and Upgrade of Substandard Bridges (40-minute presentation & 20-minute QA / discussion)

Description: The workshop covers alternative ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) based connections with large tolerances for connecting precast cap beams to precast columns. These details cover both seismic and non-seismic applications. Second, the presentation includes accelerated repair of damaged bridge elements using UHPC. Accelerated UHPC-based methods of repair covers retrofitting and upgrading every element of a bridge. Last, the presentation discusses the novel idea of UHPC shells used as formwork that results in accelerating onsite construction activities while using conventional methods of construction and producing bridge systems with long service life and smaller cross sections.

Presenter: Atorod Azizinamini, Ph.D., P.E., Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and Director, ABC-UTC at Florida International University, aazizina@fiu.edu


Topic 3: Use of Visualization/3D Modeling/Virtual Reality Technologies in ABC (two 20-minute presentations & 10-minute Q&A each )

Description: The workshop covers the use of Visualization/3D Modeling/Virtual Reality tools in ABC projects to communicate the project to the various stakeholders. The presentations will demonstrate the use of these tools on ABC projects to improve constructability and assist with public outreach activities.

Presentation #1: 

The 2nd Avenue Bridge represents one of the most unique bridges in the United States – not only due to the skewed, unbraced network arch configuration, but also for the innovative accelerated bridge construction (ABC) process that is being used.  The assembly of the bridge skeleton will be performed in a nearby parking lot, followed by the utilization of 24 synchronized SPMTs to move the 2400 ton bridge into place during a weekend closure of I-94. 

In order to illustrate the construction process to contractors, stakeholders and the public, a photo-realistic 4D animation has been created.  High resolution photos were taken from multiple strategic vantage points prior to the start of construction   The existing bridge was removed from the images and a Microstation-based 3D model of the bridge is used to animate the step-by-step assembly of the bridge which is inserted, accurately aligned to the existing background and topography.  The animation then illustrates the lifting, moving, handoff and placement of the bridge onto the permanent abutments. 

This presentation will share a brief overview of the bridge design and details, and will focus on the development and use of the 4D animation of the construction process.

Presenter: Mike LaViolette, PE – HDR, Inc., Michael.LaViolette@hdrinc.com

Presentation #2: 

Utah DOT (UDOT) is a well known leader in accelerated bridge construction and has successfully used visualization tools for public outreach and investigate constructability. The presentation will discuss UDOT experience with visualization on ABC projects.

Presenter: Cheryl Simmons, PE, Utah DOT, cherylhersh@utah.gov

Title Presentation Number
Case Studies in Quality Assurance for ABC
Kelley Severns, WSP
Suri Sadasivam, WSP
Adam Stockin, WSP
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Quality Assurance Guidance Tools: Federal Highway Administration
Kelley Severns, WSP
Suri Sadasivam, WSP
Richard Duval, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
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Discussion Period
Innovative UHPC-Based Solutions for ABC and Accelerated Repair and Upgrade of Substandard Bridges
Atorod Azizinamini, Florida International University
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Discussion Period
Development and Use of 4D Animation of the Construction Process: 2nd Avenue Bridge Replacement
Michael LaViolette, HDR
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Utah DOT Use of Visualization on ABC Projects
Cheryl Simmons, Utah Department of Transportation
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Discussion Period