• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


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Lectern Session 1101

Current Trends in Geographic Information Science and Applications—Hybrid Session

Monday 8:00 AM- 9:45 AM
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Pedro Camargo, Veitch Lister Consulting, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Geographic Information Science and Applications (ABJ60)

Session to cover the top reviewed papers for presentation submitted to the Committee on Geographic Information Science and Applications (ABJ60).

No agenda available

Title Presentation Number
An Improved Automated Method for Roadway Horizontal Curve Identification Using GIS Data
Ilir Bejleri, University of Florida
XINGJING XU, University of Florida
Daniel Brown, University of Florida
Nithin Agarwal, University of Florida
Siva Srinivasan, University of Florida
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Extracting Horizontal Curvature Data from GIS Maps: A Clustering Method
Bekir Bartin, Altinbas University
Kaan Ozbay, New York University
CHUAN XU, New York University
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A Framework for Integrating and Conflating TIGER Data into an All Public Roads Network for the State of Florida
Brittany Wood, HDR
Paul O'Rourke, Florida Department of Transportation
Mark Welsh, Florida Department of Transportation
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A Global Assessment of Street-Network Sprawl
Chris Barrington-Leigh, McGill University
Adam Millard-Ball, University of California, Santa Cruz
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LiDAR-Only Vehicle Localization Based on Map Generation
Zhaozheng Hu, Wuhan University of Technology
Qianwen Tao, Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Center
Gang Huang, Wuhan University of Technology
Hao Cai, Wuhan University of Technology
Xianglong Wang, Wuhan University of Technology
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A Novel Map Matching Algorithm for Fixed Sensor Data Based on Probe Sensor Data
Qi Cao, Southeast University
Ren Gang, Southeast University
Li Dawei, Southeast University
Zhang Jifei, Southeast University
Hao Mingyang, Nagoya University
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Computation of Horizontal Road Curvature from Sequential Video Log Images Using Adaptive Curve Registration
Zhaozheng Hu, Wuhan University of Technology
Mengchao Mu, Wuhan University of Technology
Yuting Li, Hebei University of Technology
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Online Map-Matching for Traffic Sensing on Highway Network with Call Detail Record Data
Yiming Wang, Beijing Jiaotong University
Honghui Dong, Beijing Jiaotong University
Limin Jia, Beijing Jiaotong University
Hanzhong Pan, Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security
Hongtong Qiu, Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security
Yong Qin, Beijing Jiaotong University
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Coupling the National Performance Management Research Dataset and the Highway Performance Monitoring System Datasets on a Geo-Spatial Level
Darshan Pandit, University of Maryland
Kartik Kaushik, University of Maryland
Cinzia Cirillo, University of Maryland
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