• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


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Lectern Session 1187

Approaches to Investigating and Assessing Freeze Thaw Damage in Concrete

Monday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM
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Prashant Ram, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc., presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Durability of Concrete (AFN30)


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Pervious Concrete Chemical Degradation by Calcium Chloride Deicer
Liv Haselbach, Lamar University
Nara Almeida, Lamar University
Molly Ross, Lamar University
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An Approach to Characterize the Wearability of Concrete Pavement Surface Treatments
Carl Abou Sleiman, Texas A&M University, College Station
Xijun Shi, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
DAN ZOLLINGER, Texas A&M University
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Assessing Freeze-Thaw Damage in SRW Units by Mass-Loss, Moisture-Gain, and Relative Dynamic Modulus
Ken Hover, Cornell University
Cesar Tsz Chan, Cornell University
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Laboratory Investigation of Foam Grout Performance Under Freeze and Thaw Conditioning
Vinicius Afonso Velasco Rios, University of Alberta
Leila Hashemian, University of Alberta
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