• TRB 99th Annual Meeting

      January 12–16, 2020

    • Interactive Program


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Lectern Session 1474

Methods for Assessing Alternative Delivery Approaches

Tuesday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM
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Erica Wygonik, RSG
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Freight Transportation Planning and Logistics (AT015)


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Urban Rail Service Design for Collaborative Passenger and Freight Transport
Zhujun Li, Beijing Jiaotong University
Amer Shalaby, University of Toronto
Matthew Roorda, University of Toronto
Baohua Mao, Beijing Jiaotong University
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Electric Vehicle Traveling Salesman Problem with Drone
Tengkuo Zhu, University of Texas, Austin
Stephen Boyles, University of Texas, Austin
Avinash Unnikrishnan, Portland State University
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Analytic Approximations of Realistic Tour Distances: Case Studies for Deliveries by Robots and Drones
Youngmin Choi, University of Maryland, College Park
Paul Schonfeld, University of Maryland, College Park
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Deep Learning–Based Crowdshipping Delivery Production Forecasting
Hui Shen, University of Illinois, Chicago
Jane Lin, University of Illinois, Chicago
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