• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Lectern Session 410

Let's Discuss Arterials, Public Health, and Metrics

Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM
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Carolyn McAndrews, University of Colorado, Denver, presiding
Sponsored by:
Task Force on Arterials and Public Health (ADD55T)
Joint Subcommittee on Health and Transportation (ADD50 (1))

Public health metrics for arterial roadways is a topic that keeps coming up in the Arterial Health Task Force meetings. The perception is that traffic engineers use metrics like level of service, capacity, vehicle miles of travel, and other design standards that do not necessarily take into consideration the health and welfare of the population. Can there be a set health metrics applied to arterials? Or vice versa? Come join in the discussion in which transportation engineers, health planners, and session attendees will try to sort this out. How can we bring transportation and health metrics together when we talk about arterial roadways?

The session will utilize a panel of individuals who will each spend 10 minutes presenting their perspectives on the topic. The session will then move to an open discussion exploring with the audience how we can bring health in to the traffic engineering world? The session will be recorded and used to help build the case study around the topic for the Arterial Task Force.

Title Presentation Number
Discussion Panel
Matthew Ridgway, Fehr & Peers
Shawn Leight, CBB
Theodore Mansfield, Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST)
David Berrigan, National Cancer Institute
Leslie Meehan, Tennessee Department of Health