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Workshops for Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee

Saturday, January 12, 2019      1:00 PM- 5:00 PM
Marriott Marquis, Georgetown University (M1)
Tom Creasey, Caliper Corporation
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service (AHB40)
Subcommittee on Highway Capacity Research Results Workshop (AHB40(0.1))


TITLE: Applications and Extensions of the Freeway Facilities Method
Time: Saturday, January 12 - 1:15-3:00pm
MODERATOR: Alexandra Kondyli, Kansas University
DESCRIPTION: Workshop and presentations on real-world applications of the freeway facilities methods across the U.S. Topics include development of a web-based work zone analysis tool for Louisiana DOTD, a statewide freeway segmentation databased for North Carolina DOT, and a summary of rapid-scenario planning applications of the freeway facilities method including work zone modeling in Massachusetts, TSM&O strategy evaluations in Florida, and others.

Topic 1: Rapid Scenario Planning Powered by the HCM Freeway Facilities Method
- Speaker: Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson

Topic 2: Web-Based Application of the HCM Freeway Facilities Method in Analyzing Louisiana Work Zones
- Speaker: Soheil Sajjadi, Arcadis

Topic 3: FREEVAL-NC - using a web-based segmentation database for statewide freeway facility analysis in North Carolina
- Speaker: Thomas Chase, ITRE

TITLE: HCM CAV Pooled Fund Study Working Session
Time: Saturday, January 12 - 3:15-5:00pm
MODERATOR: Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson and Associates
DESCRIPTION: Workshop to discuss research progress on a pooled fund study on developing planning-level capacity estimates for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) for the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM). CAVs are largely expected to result in an increase in capacities, although estimates range widely in the literature and are a function of vehicle technology, policy limitations, as well as safety and insurance limitations. The pooled fund study uses a simulation-based approach to develop capacity estimates for various HCM segment types, under consideration of various future scenarios. The results are intended to help agencies in making planning-level funding and investment decisions in a connected future.

Topic 1: Synthesis of Literature Related to CAV capacity Impacts
- Speakers: Paul Ryus and Abby Morgan, Kittelson and Associates
Topic 2: Analysis Framework for CAV Modeling
- Speakers: Abby Morgan and Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson and Associates
Topic 3: Simulation Approach and Initial Results
- Speakers: Burak Cesme, Kittelson and Associates; Jaiqi Ma, University of Cincinnati