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Annual Meeting Event Detail

Workshop 1002

Putting Knowledge to Work: Knowledge Management in Practice

Sunday, January 13, 2019      9:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Convention Center, 204A
Leni Oman, Washington State Department of Transportation,
Maureen Hammer, Battelle View Presentation
Sponsored by:
Task Force on Knowledge Management (AB010T)
Standing Committee on Strategic Management (ABC10)
Standing Committee on Management and Productivity (ABC20)
Standing Committee on Transportation Education and Training (ABG20)

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Workshop Agenda

What is Knowledge Management (KM): We will define what is meant when we talk about knowledge management.

Purpose of KM: We will review the 4 main purposes to deploy a knowledge management strategy.

Roles of KM Leads: We will discuss the roles and skills sets necessary to be successful.

KM Strategy: We will walk through the things to think about and the questions to be answered to develop a strategy.

Getting Started: We will complete worksheets to create a strategic plan that participants can take away to implement in their organizations.

Lessons Learned: We will cover lessons learned to support successful implementation.

Summary: A final discussion with participants to answer questions