• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 2021

    • Online Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Health and Transportation, ADD50(1), Joint Subcommittee of ADD50, ADD40, ADB10, ABJ30

Monday, January 13 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM ET
Edward Christopher, Independent,
Michael Widener, University of Toronto

Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Environmental Justice in Transportation (Changed to Equity in Transportation, AME10, on 4/15/2020) (ADD50)
Standing Committee on Transportation and Sustainability (ADD40)
Standing Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values (Changed to AEP30 on 4/15/2020) (ADB10)
Standing Committee on Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems (Changed to AED20 on 4/15/2020) (ABJ30)
Joint Subcommittee on Health and Transportation of ADD50 and ABJ30 (ADD50(1))


Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions (name, organization): all attendees (3:45 pm, 10 minutes)
  1. Paper review report: Ipek Sener, Texas A&M Transportation Institute (3:50pm, 5 minutes)
  1. TRB STAFF report: (3:55 pm, 15 minutes)

    4. NCHRP 20-112 Health Research Roadmap, Lauren Blackburn, VHB (4:10pm, 15 minutes)

5. Case Study Clearinghouse, Tameka Macon, FHWA, (4:25pm, 10 minutes)

 6. CHAT Conference, Ed Christopher, (4:45pm 10 minutes)

  1. Round Robin - Areas of Interest - Announcements: All (4:55 pm, 25 minutes)