• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 2021

    • Online Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Workshop 1775

Equity: Diagnosis and Restoration

Thursday, January 16 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM ET
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Gloria Jeff, Minnesota Department of Transportation,
Andrea d'Amato, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Environmental Justice in Transportation (Changed to Equity in Transportation, AME10, on 4/15/2020) (ADD50)
Standing Committee on Strategic Management (Changed to AJE10 on 4/15/2020) (ABC10)
Standing Committee on Transportation and Sustainability (ADD40)
Standing Committee on Transportation Issues in Major Cities (Changed to City Transportation Issues Coordinating Council, A0030C, on 4/15/2020) (ABE30)

This workshop will offer an opportunity to synthesize the recommendations of the 2020 TRB Annual Meeting’s curated track on equity and will include a meeting of the Joint Subcommittee on Transportation Equity.


1. Introductions - All

2. Overview of the work and purpose of the Joint Subcommittee – AD/GJ a. Purpose

b. Membership

c. Ongoing work

d. Website

3. TRB Update – Bill Anderson, Ann Brach

4. Summary/highlights of the Curated Track at the Annual Meeting

5. Status on planning for 2021 Conference Liz/Bev a. Introduction of co-chairs, working group leads

b. Purpose, desired outcomes

c. Call for papers

d. Potential participants (broad general overview – students, researchers, affiliated social justice organizations, TRB committees, etc.)

6. Proposed definition for equity – Liz/Bev

7. Facilitated discussions at table – All, (instructions AD/GJ) a. Responses to proposed definition – focus on "fatal flaws" (not language)

b. Identification of potential topics, research, or program participants for 2021 Annual Meeting, 2021 Equity Conference

c. Feedback, identification of common themes – Liz/Bev

8. Request for volunteers – Liz/Bev

9. 2020 Midyear meeting (date, location)

10. Additional topics for discussion

11. Thank you & Adjournment

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