• TRB 100th Annual Meeting

      January 24–28, 2021

    • Online Program


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Lectern Session 1289

Making Autonomous Vehicles Accessible for All

Monday, January 13 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM ET
Julie Babinard, The World Bank
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (Changed to AME50 on 4/15/2020) (ABE60)

Autonomous vehicles are a promising technological step in improving transportation options for all persons, including seniors and persons with disabilities. However, as this technology develops there is a need to identify and address potential barriers to accessibility of vehicles, including accommodations for mobility devices, interfaces with passengers, and other measures needed for passenger assistance. This session will provide presentations of research in accessibility of autonomous vehicles in both public transit and general transportation applications, including focus group research, testing of vehicles, and evaluation of service.

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