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      January 2021

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Poster Session 1284

Transportation Safety Management from Start to Finish

Monday, January 13 1:30 PM- 3:15 PM ET
Frank Gross, VHB,
Susan B Herbel, SBH Consult,

Stephanie Malinoff, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation Safety Management Systems (Changed to ACS10 on 4/15/2020) (ANB10)

More research on safety management from a comprehensive, systems approach is desirable.  Transportation Safety Management:  Start to Finish is a poster session where you can interact one-on-one with the authors to discuss specific aspects of safety management. 

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Title Presentation Number
Integrated Regional Transportation Model–Network-Based Collision Prediction Model Framework
Ali Farhan, University of Calgary
Lina Kattan, University of Calgary, Schulich
Richard Tay, RMIT University
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Hierarchical Analysis of Traffic Violations and Crashes: A Macroscopic Safety Analysis
Jaeyoung Lee, Central South University
Mohamed Abdel-Aty, University of Central Florida
Xiaoqi Zhai, Central South University
Helai Huang, Central South University
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Development and Application of a Roadway Safety Data Integrator Tool for Highway Safety Information System Data
Seyedehsan Dadvar, CYFOR Technologies LLC
Young-Jae Lee, Morgan State University
Hyeon-Shic Shin, Morgan State University
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Implementing Vision Zero: A Proactive Methodology for Building Communities for Kids
Wesley Marshall, University of Colorado, Denver
Nick Ferenchak, University of New Mexico
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Investigate Factors Affecting Driver Injury Severity in Snow-Related Rural Single-Vehicle Crashes
Runze Yuan, University of Hawaii
Hao Yu, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
Zhenning Li, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
Guohui Zhang, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
David Ma, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
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The Problem of, and a Possible Solution to, Comparison Site Selection in Scheme Evaluation
Joe Matthews, Newcastle University
Lee Fawcett, Newcastle University
Neil Thorpe, University of Newcastle
Nicola Hewett, University of Newcastle
Karsten Kremer, PTV Group
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Meso-Level Hot Spot Identification for Suburban Arterials
Xuesong Wang, Tongji University
Yingying Pei, Tongji University
Jinghui Yuan, University of Central Florida
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Macro-Level Traffic Safety Analysis and Model Updating in Shanghai, China
Minming Yang, Tongji University
Xuesong Wang, Tongji University
Meigen Xue, Tongji University
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Record Linkage of Crashes with Injuries and Medical Cost: A Case Study of Puerto Rico
Josie Bianchi, Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez Universidad de Puerto Rico
Didier Valdés, Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez Universidad de Puerto Rico
Héctor Colón, Universidad de Puerto Rico
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Cross-Comparison and Objective-Based Crash Tree Development and Analysis for Small Counties in Florida
Roozbeh Rahmani, University of Florida
Nithin Agarwal, University of Florida
Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan, University of Florida
Ilir Bejleri, University of Florida
Xingjing Xu, University of Florida
Jia Fang, University of Florida
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Improving Driver’s Education Regarding Wrong-Way Driving Incidents
Mohammad Jalayer, Rowan University
Kevin Takacs, Rowan University
Jason Roberts, Rowan University
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Emergency Response Times for Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes, 1975–2017
Maria Cruz, University of New Mexico
Nick Ferenchak, University of New Mexico
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Vehicle Occupants and Driver Behavior: An Assessment of Vulnerable User Groups
Michael Martin, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Lisa Green, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Byron Chigoy, Texas A&M University
Eva Shipp, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Rahul Mars, Texas A&M University
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Investigating Factors That Contributed to the Large Reduction and Subsequent Increase in Roadway Fatalities in the United States Between 2005 and 2016
Tahmida Hossain Shimu, HDR
Dominique Lord, Texas A&M University
Srinivas Geedipally, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Lingtao Wu, Texas A&M University
Robert Wunderlich, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
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Relationship Between Road Safety Pillars and the WHO Member States Mortality Rate: A Study Applying Structural Equation Models
Caio Torres, Universidade Federal do Ceara
Xavier Vanessa, Universidade Federal do Ceara
Flávio José Cunto, Universidade Federal do Ceará
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School Bus Routing to Allow Later School Start Times
Rana Eslamifard, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Eric Gonzales, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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Assessing the Accuracy of “Serious Injury” Reporting with the Implementation of the New MMUCC KABCO Definition
Beau Burdett, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Richard Li, University of Louisville
Andrea Bill, University of Wisconsin, Madison
David Noyce, University of Wisconsin, Madison
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Road Safety Focusing Events
Ryan Archibald, University of Colorado, Denver
Wesley Marshall, University of Colorado, Denver
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A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Intelligent Intervention Planning Framework for Real-Time Proactive Road Safety Management
Ananya Roy, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yasunori Muromachi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Moinul Hossain, Islamic University of Technology
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Are Uninsured Drivers Less Likely to Request Emergency Medical Services After a Crash?
Qifan Nie, University of Alabama
Xing Fu, University of Alabama
Xiaobing Li, University of Alabama
Jun Liu, University of Alabama
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A Linear Poisson Autoregressive Model for Analyzing Dynamic Fatal Traffic Accident Data
Yue Zhang, Tongji University
Yajie Zou, Tongji University
Lingtao Wu, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
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Systemic Strategy to Mitigate Intersection Left Turn Crashes: A Regional Analysis Methodology
Margaret Herrera, Maricopa Association of Governments
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The 85 Percent Solution: A Historical Look at Crowdsourcing Speed Limits and the Question of Safety
Brian Taylor, University of California, Los Angeles
Yu Hong Hwang, University of California, Los Angeles
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