• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 2021

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Lectern Session 1298

Nuts and Bolts: How Planning Processes Prepare Communities for Transportation and Land Use Challenges

Monday, January 13 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM ET
Louis Merlin, Florida Atlantic University
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation and Land Development (Merged with ADD10 to form Standing Committee on Economic Development and Land Use, AMS50, on 4/15/2020) (ADD30)

Presentations on planning processes and planning capacity for livable communities, context-sensitive solutions, multimodal access, and smart mobility.

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Title Presentation Number
Won’t You Be My [Transit-Friendly] Neighbor[hood]?: Analyzing High-Propensity Users in Transit-Friendly Neighborhoods in Greater Los Angeles and the Bay Area
Julene Paul, University of California, Los Angeles
Brian Taylor, University of California, Los Angeles
Evelyn Blumenberg, University of California, Los Angeles
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MPO Transportation Funding for Livable Communities: A Review of National MPO Programs
Amanda Dillon, University of Utah
Reid Ewing, University of Utah
Fariba Siddiq, University of California, Los Angeles
Fatemeh Kiani, University of Utah
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Assessing Community Readiness for Smart Mobility: Development of an Assessment Tool and Case Study Application
Janey Camp, Vanderbilt University
Craig Philip, Vanderbilt University
Aaron Niederman, Vanderbilt University
Susan Marlow, Stantec
Peter Westerholm, Greater Nashville Regional Council
Yeatland Wong, Stantec
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Almost Automating the Planner: Florida Department of Transportation’s Approach to Understanding Places Through Context Classification
Margaret Kent, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI)
Jean Parlow, Florida Department of Transportation
Deborah Chesna, Florida Department of Transportation
DeWayne David Carver, Florida Department of Transportation
Patty Hurd, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI)
Jane Lim-Yap, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI)
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Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Multimodal Strategies That Advance Access to All: A Local Practitioner’s Perspectives and Experiences
Huiliang Liu, City of Aurora
Mac Callison, City of Aurora
Tom Worker-Braddock, City of Aurora
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