• TRB 100th Annual Meeting

      January 24–28, 2021

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Workshop 1018

1018 - The Future of Travel in a Post-COVID-19 Pandemic World

Thursday, January 21 2:00 PM- 5:00 PM ET
Giovanni Circella, University of California, Davis,
Abolfazl Mohammadian, University of Illinois, Chicago,

Yanfeng Ouyang, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,
Ipek Sener, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values (AEP30)

The COVID-19 pandemic caused upheaval around the world, and caused our daily routines to change quickly. While telecommuting and tele-activities have been around for decades, they have failed to have a noticeable impact on VMT and congestion. Then the COVID-19 pandemic brought huge disruption to society – causing a sharp increase in telework, telehealth, e-learning, e-shopping adoption, and uncertain impacts on travel demand and mobility solutions over the medium and long run. 

The workshop will answer the following: 

1. How will these changes impact our future? 

2. Which behavioral and service changes will be long-lasting, and for whom? 

3. How are the attitudes that underpinned our lifestyle shifted in this crisis? Will these shifts be long-term?


This workshop will feature invited speakers and a discussion panel who will share research highlights and reflect different perspectives on what the future might hold. The workshop aims at engaging researchers and practitionairs to advance transportation systems and address issues and challenges associated with unexpected shocks.  

Title Presentation Number
How Have Attitudes and Perceptions Affected People’s Work and Travel Behaviors in a COVID Era
Abolfazl Mohammadian, University of Illinois, Chicago
Sybil Derrible, University of Illinois, Chicago
Telework, Adoption of ICT and Equity Issues: What are the Longer-Term Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cities?
Giovanni Circella, University of California, Davis
Mischa Young, University of California, Davis
Mobility Companies under COVID-19
Cheng Gong, DiDi Chuxing
COVID modeling lessons learned from NYC: from mode choice behavior to transit contact networks
Joseph Chow, New York University
Ding Wang, New York University
How Do Attitudes Help Predict the Future "Stickiness" of Pandemic-Era Travel Behavior Changes
Deborah Salon, Arizona State University
Ram Pendyala, Arizona State University
Panel Discussion
Chandra Bhat, University of Texas, Austin
Jose Holguin-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University
Patricia Mokhtarian, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Kay Axhausen, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich

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