• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 2021

    • Online Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Transit Data Committee

Tuesday, January 12 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM ET
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Catherine Lawson, SUNY Albany
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transit Data (AP090)

 The Standing Committee on Transit Data focuses on the generation, processing, and emerging opportunities for integrating existing and emerging transit data streams with other transit and transit-related datasets to strengthen the entire network of information.



AP090 Transit Data is a newly-formed Standing Committee focused on the use of traditional and emerging transit data including: Smart Cards; General Transit Feed Specifications (GTFS); archived Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) data, including Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Automatic Fare Card (AFC), and Automatic Passenger Counters (APC); as well as on-board surveys. Opportunities to blend and fuse these various sources of transit data open new avenues for cost-effective methods for assisting transit agencies with their data needs. Machine Learning (ML) and other techniques will facilitate the formation of new data partnerships with other modes (e.g., Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), bike sharing operations).   














AP090 Transit Data Committee Meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 12, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM



10:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction Polls

10:05 AM

AP090 Background, Executive Team, Purpose, and Expected Meeting Outcomes

  • Brief history of the Committee and Executive Team
  • Secretary – Michael Eichler, WMATA
  • Webmaster – Raymond Chan, CTA
  • Overview of TRB research process, engagement opportunities, expected time commitments
  • Explanation of Research Needs Statements
  • Pre-meeting survey results, in lieu of self-introductions

10:15 AM

Chair’s Report - Catherine T. Lawson, University at Albany

  • Committee Structure
  • Paper Review Process
  • Special Awards
  • TRB Events
    • Transit Data Performance Challenge
    • Poster Session
    • Other Transit Data Events by AP090 Leadership

  • Chair’s Spotlight: Community Lifelines Implementation Toolkit

10:35 AM

AP000 Public Transportation Group Chair Report - Brendon Hemily

10:40 AM

Facilitated Brainstorming

Research Needs Discussion 1: Work Practices and Skills

10:55 AM


11:00 AM

Reconvene & Poll

11:05 AM

Liaison Reports

  • Innovations in Transit Performance Measurement Challenge - Laura Moeini, WMATA
  • TCRP Program Update - Mariela Garcia-Colberg, Esq., TRB
  • TCRP G-18 Project Report - Cecilia Viggiano, EBP
  • SG-18 (Toolbox) – Raymond Chan, Chicago Transit Authority
  • Health/Transportation - Steve Yaffe, Yaffe Mobility Consulting LLC
  • TransitData 2020/2021 Update - Oded Cats, TU Delft
  • APTA IT Committee Update - Brendon Hemily
  • Others (AASHTO, APTA, FTA, others as available)

11:40 AM

Facilitated Brainstorming

Research Needs 2: Data Doesn’t Exist

11:55 AM


12:00 PM

Reconvene & Poll

12:05 PM

Research Update

  • T-SCORE UTC - Kari Watkins, Georgia Tech
  • Smart Public Transport Lab - Oded Cats, TU Delft
  • TRB Transit IDEA with USF CUTR - Drew Dara-Abrams, Interline Technologies
  • TCRP Project Updates - Brendon Hemily
  • Other research updates

12:30 PM

Facilitated Brainstorming

Research Needs 2: Silos and Institutional Barriers

12:45 PM

Synthesis and Next Steps

  • Assembly of research needs statements
  • Nomination of research coordinator(s)
  • Identification of task teams and subcommittees
  • Workshops for 2021 and beyond

1:00 PM




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