• 101st TRB Annual Meeting

      January 9–13, 2022; Washington, DC

    • Online Program

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Accessible Transportation and Mobility Committee

Friday, January 15 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM ET
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Joey Goldman, Kearns & West,
Julie Babinard, The World Bank

Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (AME50)

To study problems relating to the transportation disadvantaged and the services that various modes of transportation should provide for them as well as an assessment of the impact and value of programs directed at improving their mobility.

Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting

Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (AME50)

A committee that focuses on international and domestic research, policy, and practice to support and develop accessible transportation


I.        Introductions


A.    Welcome and Overview of Committee

B.     Virtual Meeting Ground Rules

C.    Introductions of Members and Friends

D.    Virtual Get-Together

Julie Babinard and Joey Goldman

II.      Business Items


A.    Approval of Minutes from 2020 Meeting

B.     Committee Reorganization

a.     Changes to Subcommittees

C.    Proposals

a.     Emeritus Members Proposal and Update

b.     Alignment of Committee and Section Goals and Objectives

Ken Joh

Julie Babinard and Joey Goldman

D.    TRB Announcements

E.      TCRP/NCHRP/ACRP Updates

Bill Anderson and John MacArthur


III.    Committee Activities


A.    Committee Activities


1.     Overview

2.     Paper Review, Publication, and 2021 Conference Sessions

3.     Research Coordination

4.     TRANSED

a.     2018 Publication

b.     2022 Meeting Planning

Julie Babinard and Joey Goldman Todd Hansen

Trevor Hanson and Andrea Lubin


Joey Goldman

Janett Jimenez and Judy Shanley

B.     The Year Ahead

1.     Workshops

2.     Webinars

C.    Coordination with Other TRB Committees Roundtable

Julie Babinard and Joey Goldman




IV.   Other Discussion Items


A.    Accessible Transportation and Mobility Announcements and Briefings


V.     Conclusion


A.    Summary of Committee Actions

Julie Babinard and Joey Goldman

B.     Adjournment



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