• TRB 100th Annual Meeting

      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1328

1328 - Understanding Users’ Behaviors in the City: Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Transit, and TNCs

Wednesday, January 27 4:00 PM- 5:30 PM ET
Mara Kaminowitz, Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC),
Charlotte Frei, CDM Smith,

Clotilde Minster, The World Bank
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems (AED20)

This session includes papers that investigated user behaviors in urban settings. The papers presented in this session focus on pedestrians, cyclists, and users of public transport and transportation network companies (TNCs). Research on intermodality, public transport mapping, equity, diffusion of the COVID-19, and road safety are presented.


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Title Presentation Number
Improving the Quality and Cost Effectiveness of Multimodal Travel Behavior Data Collection: A Case Study
Sean Barbeau, University of South Florida
Cagri Cetin, University of South Florida
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Quantifying the impact of street lighting and walk paths on street inclusiveness: The case of Delhi
Laila AitBihiOuali (laitbihi@imperial.ac.uk), Imperial College London
Corentin Laffitte, Imperial College London
Daniel Graham, Imperial College London
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Mapping the Intercounty Transmission Risk of COVID-19 In New York State Via Historical Commute Data
Shunhua Bai, University of Texas, Austin
Junfeng Jiao, University of Texas, Austin
Yefu Chen, University of Texas, Austin
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Spatio-temporal Integration between the Bicycle-sharing Service and the Metro Transit: A Case Study in Shanghai, China
Qing Yu, Tongji University
Weifeng Li (lwf0103@gmail.com), Tongji University
Dongyuan Yang, Tongji University
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Do Public Transit and Agglomeration Economies Collectively Enhance Low-skilled Job Accessibility in Portland, OR?
Seunghoon Oh, University of Cincinnati
Na Chen, University of Cincinnati
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Collaborative Mapping of Urban Transport in Cartagena, Colombia
C. Erik Vergel-Tovar, Los Andes University
Mónica Villegas Carrasquilla, Fundacion Corona
Maria Claudia Peñas, Former Director Cartagena Como Vamos
Daniel Toro Gonzalez, Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar
Leonardo Canon Rubiano, The World Bank
Eliana Salas, Cartagena Como Vamos
Paulo Martinez, Universidad del Rosario
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Results of the First Large-scale Survey of TNC Use in the Bay Area
Mark Bradley, RSG Inc
Elizabeth Greene, RSG Inc
Bhargava Sana, San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)
Drew Cooper, San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)
Joe Castiglione, San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)
Shimon Israel, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)
Christopher Coy, National Grid
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Impacts of School Reopening on Variations in Local Bus Performance in Sydney
Hudson Yao, University of Sydney
Wenbo Yan, University of Sydney
Linji Chen, University of Sydney
Emily Moylan, University of Sydney
Hema Rayaprolu, University of Sydney
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Use of Exclusive and Pooled Ridehailing Services in Three Mexican Cities
Joanna Moody (jcmoody@mit.edu), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Enrique Esparza-Villarreal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
David Keith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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Towards A Framework for Assessing the Fair Distribution of Space in Urban Streets
Gabriel Lefebvre-Ropars (gabriel-lee.lefebvre-ropars@polymtl.ca), Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Catherine Morency, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Paula Negron-Poblete, Universite de Montreal
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