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      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1067

1067 - Pavement Condition Evaluation

Monday, January 25 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM ET
Jonathan Groeger, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Pavement Condition Evaluation (AKP10)

This session will highlight the state-of-the art in pavement condition evaluation.  It will feature presentations on new ways to analyze distress data, new twists on existing data collection technology, and new technologies to process the data.  

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Title Presentation Number
Novel Approach for Evaluation of Pavements Affected by Pavement Tenting (Crack-Heaving): Integrated, Multi-Sensor Non-Destructive Testing System
Eyoab Zegeye Teshale, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Thomas Calhoon, University of Minnesota
Eddie Johnson, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Shongtao Dai, Minnesota Department of Transportation
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Detection of Concealed Cracks from GPR Images Based on YOLO Series
Shuwei Li (shuweil@foxmail.com), Southeast University
Xingyu Gu, Southeast University
Xiangrong Xu, Nanjing Municipal Public Engineering Qualitu Inspection Center Station
Dawei Xu, Nanjing Municipal Public Engineering Qualitu Inspection Center Station
Tianjie Zhang, Zhejiang Scientific Research Institute of Transport
Qiao Dong, Southeast University
Zhen Liu, Southeast University
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Automatic Pixel-level Pavement Crack Detection based on Stereovision Technology and Deep Learning
Jinchao Guan, Chang'an University
Xu Yang (yang.xu@chd.edu.cn), Chang'an University
Ling Ding, Chang'an University
Jingwei Liu, Monash University
Xiaoyun Cheng, Chang'an University
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Bicycle Level of Service: Proposed Updated Pavement Quality Index
Jiayun Huang, University of California, Berkeley
Nicholas Fournier, University of California, Berkeley
Alexander Skabardonis, University of California, Berkeley
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A Novel Adaptive Pixels Segmentation Algorithm for Pavement Crack Detection
Nima Safaei, University of Iowa
Omar Smadi, Iowa State University
Babak Safaei, Michigan State University
Arezoo Masoud, University of Iowa
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Spatial Roadway Condition-Assessment Mapping Utilizing Smartphones and Machine Learning Algorithms
Charalambos Kyriakou (kyriakou.charalambos@ucy.ac.cy), University of Cyprus
Symeon Christodoulou, University of Cyprus
Loukas Dimitriou, University of Cyprus
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Jointed Plain Concrete (JPC) Pavement Variability and Method to Complement JPC Design with 3D Pavement Data
Georgene Geary, GGfGA Engineering
Yichang Tsai, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
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Live Road Condition Assessment With Internal Vehicle Sensors
Eyal Levenberg, DTU Byg
Asmus Skar, DTU Byg
Shahrzad Pour, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Ekkart Kindler, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Matteo Pettinari, Vejdirektoratet
Milena Bajic, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Tommy Alstrøm, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Uwe Schlotz, Sweco Danmark
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Pavement Distress and Debris Detection using a Mobile Mapping System with 2D Profiler LiDAR
Radhika Ravi, Purdue University
Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
Ayman Habib, Purdue University
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Automated Detection and Classification of Pavement Distresses Using 3D Pavement Surface Images and Deep Learning
Rohit Ghosh, Iowa State University
Omar Smadi, Iowa State University
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Automated Asphalt Pavement Raveling Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network and Macrotexture Analysis
Yung-An Hsieh, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Yichang Tsai, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
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Quantify Raveling Using 3D Technology with Loss of Aggregates as A New Performance Indicator
Pingzhou Yu, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Yichang Tsai, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
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Non-Destructive Detection of Asphalt Concrete Stripping Damage Using Ground Penetrating Radar
Ye Ma, Louisiana State University
Mostafa Elseifi (elseifi@lsu.edu), Louisiana State University
Nirmal Dhakal, Louisiana State University
Mohammad Bashar, University of Colorado, Boulder
Zhongjie Zhang, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
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Use of The Pavement Surface Condition Metric to Quantify Distresses from Digital Images
Danilo Balzarini, International Cybernetics Co.
James Erskine, International Cybernetics Co.
Michael Nieminen, International Cybernetics Co.
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Application of Machine Learning Based Technology in Pavement Condition Assessment and Prediction
Jiawei Gao, Northern Arizona University
Chun-Hsing Ho, Northern Arizona University
Igor Wiese, Northern Arizona University
Dada Zhang, Northern Arizona University
Marco Gerosa, Northern Arizona University
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Application of Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning Systems for Identification of Potential Pavement Rutting Locations
Afshin Famili, Texas Department of Transportation
Wayne Sarasua, Clemson University
Alireza Shams, SUNY Farmingdale
William Davis, Citadel Military College
Jennifer Ogle, Clemson University
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