• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1368

1368 - Emergency Evacuations

Thursday, January 28 11:30 AM- 1:00 PM ET
Steven Polunsky, University of Alabama
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Disaster Response, Emergency Evacuations, and Business Continuity (AMR20)


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Title Presentation Number
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Highway Traffic Patterns in Hurricane Evacuation: A Case Study of Hurricane Irma in Florida
Mahyar Ghorbanzadeh (mg17x@my.fsu.edu), Florida A&M University-Florida State University
Simone Burns, Florida A&M University
Linoj Vijayan Nair Rugminiamma, Florida A&M University-Florida State University
Eren Ozguven, Florida A&M University-Florida State University
Wenrui Huang, Florida A&M University-Florida State University
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Understanding the Willingness to Share Resources in the Hurricane Irma Evacuation: A Multi-Modeling Approach
Stephen Wong (stephen.wong@berkeley.edu), University of California
Mengqiao Yu, University of California, Berkeley
Anu Kuncheria, University of California, Berkeley
Susan Shaheen, University of California, Berkeley
Joan Walker, University of California, Berkeley
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A dynamic traffic assignment model in emergency evacuation considering background traffic
Tao Zhang (taoerbuqi007@163.com), Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Gang Ren, Southeast University
Gang Cheng, Tibet University
Yang Yang, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
Minjie Jin, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology
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Development of an Evacuation Decision Support Tool: A Combined Optimization and Traffic Microsimulation Modeling Approach
MD Jahedul Alam, Dalhousie University
Muhammad Habib, Dalhousie University
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The Isolated Community Evacuation Problem with Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed Integer Programming
Klaas Fiete Krutein (fietekrutein@gmail.com), University of Washington
Anne Goodchild, University of Washington
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Willingness to Share During Multi-Hazard Events: An Exploratory Study of Flood Evacuations During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States
Elisa Borowski (elisaborowski2022@u.northwestern.edu), Northwestern University
Victor Limontitla Cedillo, Northwestern University
Amanda Stathopoulos, Northwestern University
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Assessing the Crash Risks of Evacuation: A Matched Case-Control Approach Applied over Data Collected during Hurricane Irma
Rezaur Rahman, University of Central Florida
Tanmoy Bhowmik, University of Central Florida
Naveen Eluru, University of Central Florida
Samiul Hasan (samiul.hasan@ucf.edu), University of Central Florida
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Constructing Evacuation Evolution Patterns and Decisions Using Mobile Device Location Data: A Case Study of Hurricane Irma
Aref Darzi (adarzi@umd.edu), University of Maryland, College Park
Vanessa Frias-Martinez, University of Maryland, College Park
Sepehr Ghader, University of Maryland, College Park
Hannah Younes, University of Maryland, College Park
Lei Zhang, University of Maryland, College Park
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Strategic Evacuation for Regional Events: With and Without Autonomous Vehicles
Jooyong Lee, University of Texas, Austin
Kara M. Kockelman (kkockelm@mail.utexas.edu), University of Texas, Austin
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Developing Transportation Response Strategies for Wildfire Evacuations via an Empirically Supported Traffic Simulation of Berkeley, California
Bingyu Zhao, University of California, Berkeley
Stephen Wong (stephen.wong@berkeley.edu), University of California
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One-way Coupling of Fire and Egress Modelling for Realistic Evaluation of Evacuation Process
He-in Cheong (he-in.cheong08@imperial.ac.uk), Imperial College London
Zhiyu Wu, Imperial College London
Arnab Majumdar, Imperial College London
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Methodology to Quantify Statewide Evacuations
Scott Parr (parrs1@erau.edu), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Lorraine Acevedo, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Pamela Murray-Tuite, Clemson University
Brian Wolshon, Louisiana State University
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Modelling the Roadway Temperature during Wildfire for Evacuation and Assessment of Pavement Damage: A Case Study of Camp Fire
Mohammadreza Barzegar, Washington State University
Haifang Wen (haifang_wen@wsu.edu), Washington State University
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