• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 24–28, 2021

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Annual Meeting Event Detail

Poster Session 1136

1136 - Papers on Geographic Information Science or Geographic Information Science

Monday, January 25 4:00 PM- 5:30 PM ET
Pedro Camargo, AequilibraE
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Geographic Information Science (AED40)

Presentation of the best of papers submitted to the Committee on Geographic Information Science (AED40) for review.

No agenda available

Title Presentation Number
A Comparison of Travel-Time Distance Calculation Versus Euclidean Distance Calculations as Applied in The Study of Food Deserts
Isabel Gutierrez, North Carolina Central University
Timothy Mulrooney, North Carolina Central University
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Understanding Access to Grocery Stores: A Data-Driven Food Desert Metric Using CHAID Decision Tree Analysis
Celeste Chavis, Morgan State University
Istiak Bhuyan, Morgan State University
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Interaction between development intensity: An evaluation of alternative spatial weight matrices
Manman Li (limanman854739356@163.com), Southeast University
Mengying Cui, The University of Sydney
David Levinson, The University of Sydney
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High-Density Mobile LiDAR for Measuring Streetscape Features
Yaneev Golombek, University of Colorado, Denver
Wesley Marshall, University of Colorado, Denver
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Automatic Horizontal Curve Identification for Large Areas from GIS Roadway Centerlines
Ilir Bejleri, University of Florida
Xingjing Xu, University of Florida
Daniel Brown, University of Florida
Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan, University of Florida
Nithin Agarwal, University of Florida
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Street Network Models and Indicators for Every Urban Area in the World
Geoff Boeing, University of Southern California
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A Comparison of Roadway Grade Estimations from GPS and Barometer Measurements
Michael Pratt, Texas A&M University
Raul Avelar, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
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Empirical Estimation of Route Length Along U.S. Interstate Highways Based on Euclidean Distance
Nawei Liu, University of Tennessee
Fei Xie, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Zhenhong Lin (linz@ornl.gov), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mingzhou Jin, University of Tennessee
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