• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1460

1460 - COVID-19: Modeling Travel, and Social and Economic Impact and Diffusion

Friday, January 29 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM ET
Eric Miller, University of Toronto
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation Demand Forecasting (AEP50)


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Title Presentation Number
Activity-Based Model Application for Business Reopening Scenarios after COVID-19
Vladimir Livshits, Maricopa Association of Governments
Arup Dutta, Maricopa Association of Governments
Petya Maneva, Maricopa Association of Governments
Kyunghwi Jeon, Maricopa Association of Governments
Daehyun You, Maricopa Association of Governments
Haidong Zhu, Maricopa Association of Governments
Peter Vovsha, INRO
Gaurav Vyas, INRO
James Hicks, WSP
David Ory, WSP
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Capturing the Effects of Social Networks and Mobility on Viral Spread: Agent-based Model and Scenario Application
Hoseb Abkarian, Northwestern University
Ying Chen, Northwestern University
Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University
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A Segmentation Analysis of the Impacts of COVID-19 on Weekly Travel in the United States: Results from a Longitudinal Survey
Mark Bradley, RSG Inc
Abigail Rosenson, RSG
Taylor Daly, RSG Inc
Elizabeth Greene, RSG Inc
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Estimating Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic at the Municipal Level: A Latent Class Regression Modeling Approach
Fariba Hossain, Dalhousie University
Muhammad Habib, Dalhousie University
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Assessing the Impacts of COVID-19 on Urban Passenger Travel Demand: Description of A Multi-Pronged and Multi-Staged Study with Initial Results
Khandker Nurul Habib (khandker.nurulhabib@utoronto.ca), University of Toronto
Jason Hawkins, University of Toronto
Saeed Shakib, University of Toronto
Patrick Loa, University of Toronto
Sk Md Mashrur, University of Toronto
Alireza Dianat, University of Toronto
Kaili Wang, University of Toronto
Sanjana Hossain, University of Toronto
Yicong Liu, University of Toronto
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The Effect of Productivity of Telecommuting During the COVID-19 Pandemic on Workers’ Post-pandemic Intentions to Telecommute
Ali Shamshiripour (ashams5@uic.edu), University of Illinois, Chicago
Ehsan Rahimi, University of Illinois, Chicago
Ramin Shabanpour, University of North Florida
Nima Golshani, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Abolfazl Mohammadian, University of Illinois, Chicago
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