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      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1118

1118 - Mobility for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Monday, January 25 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM ET
Julie Babinard, The World Bank,
Joseph Goldman, Kearns & West

Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (AME50)

Older adults and people with disabilities encounter barriers in accessing all kinds of transportation, leaving their mobility needs unmet for regular travel. Accessibility has to be included as a key consideration in order to a travel option to be equitable for more types of users. This poster session brings together papers researching a range of travel modes and trip options to assess the accessibility of available transportation for these user groups. Topics include wheelchair accessibility in vehicles, public transportation modes, differences between urban versus rural environments, pandemic response impacts on travel, driving status and changes in travel, and trip pattern behaviors.

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Title Presentation Number
Seat yielding behavior in public transportation: policy implications from a survey of China
Farrukh Baig, Dalian University of Technology
Farrukh Baig, Dalian University of Technology
Dong Zhang (zhangdong@dlut.edu.cn), Dalian University of Technology
Jaeyoung Lee, Central South University
Hongda Xu, Dalian University of Technology
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Disability and Access to Out-of-Home Activities: Comparing Travel Time Prices for Adults with and without a Disability
Eric Morris (emorri7@clemson.edu), Clemson University
Kelcie Ralph, Rutgers University
Jaekyeong Kwon, Rutgers University
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Examining the Mobility Needs and Challenges of Older Adults in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Environments
Ming Lee, Florida International University
Xia Jin, Florida International University
Fahmid Tousif, Florida International University
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‘I’m stuck’: Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response on Access to Transportation and Other Essentials Among People with Disabilities
Abigail Cochran (acochran@unc.edu), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
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How Does Driving Status Affect Trip Patterns among Older Adults in Suburban and Rural Communities?
Dahai Han, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Yura Lee (lee626@uwm.edu), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Jie Yu, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Corie Dejno, Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County
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Heterogeneities in Older Adults Travel Times and Activity Durations: Analysis of​ the 2017 NHTS Personal Trip Data
Mingqi Yao, University of California, Irvine
Suman Mitra, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Stephen Ritchie, University of California, Irvine
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Exploring heterogeneous adoption behavior of wheelchair-accessible express bus for physically disabled people
Sunghoon Jang (s.jang@tue.nl), Eindhoven University
Yongju Yi, Ajou University
Jeong Ah Jang, Ajou University
Keechoo Choi, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
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Perception of Safety of Automated Vehicles: Age and the Influence of the Source and Content of Safety-related Messages
Ryan Best, RAND Corp
Laura Fraade-Blanar, RAND Corp
Marjory Blumenthal, RAND Corp
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How Older Adults Use Ride-hailing Booking Technology in California
Aditi Misra, University of Michigan
Manish Shirgaokar (manish.shirgaokar@ucdenver.edu), University of Colorado, Denver
Asha Agrawal, San Jose State University
Bonnie Dobbs, University of Alberta
Martin Wachs, University of California, Los Angeles
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Factors affecting older adults’ satisfaction with their mobility options: A survey-based analysis
Hany Hassan, Louisiana State University
Matthew Lauzon, Queen's University
Mark Ferguson, McMaster University
Bruce Newbold, McMaster University
Brenda Vrkljan, McMaster University
Saiedeh Razavi, McMaster University
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Access Denied? Perceptions of New Mobility Services Among Disabled People in San Francisco
Madeline Ruvolo, University of California, Los Angeles
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