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      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1248

1248 - Emerging Research in Bikeshare and Micro-Mobility

Tuesday, January 26 4:00 PM- 5:30 PM ET
Rebecca Sanders, Safe Streets Research & Consulting
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Bicycle Transportation (ACH20)

Highlights of recent research in bikeshare and micro-mobility

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Title Presentation Number
Analysis of Perception About E-scooter Riders and Non-riders in Saudi Arabia: Survey Outputs
Mohammed Almannaa (almannaa@vt.edu), King Saud University
Faisal Alsahhaf, King Saud University
Huthaifa Ashqar, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Mohammed Elhenawy, Queensland University of Technology
Mahmoud Masoud, Queensland University of Technology
Andry Rakotonirainy, Queensland University of Technology
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Joint Analysis of Scooter Sharing and Bikesharing Usage: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Yi Jing, Tongji University
Songhua Hu, University of Maryland
Hangfei Lin, Tongji University
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Exploring the Factors that Influence Bike-Share Mode Substitution: The Case of the Sacramento Area Dock-less E-bikes
Tatsuya Fukushige (tfukushige@ucdavis.edu), University of California, Davis
Dillon Fitch, Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Susan Handy, University of California, Davis
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Ride Sharing Bike Service in a Developing Urban Society: Safety Perspective - A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Nishatee Binte Shahid, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Sk. Nahia Ahsan, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Md. Istiak Jahan, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Md Asif Raihan, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Sumaiya Afrose Suma, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Md. Hadiuzzaman (mhadiuzzaman@ce.buet.ac.bd), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
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Characteristics of dockless bike sharing trips connecting to subway: Distance decay function and influencing factors of catchment area
Hongtai Yang (yanghongtai.top1@gmail.com), Southwest Jiaotong University
Yongbo Zou, Southwest Jiaotong University
Yaohu Xiong, Southwest Jiaotong University
Xiaobo Liu, Southwest Jiaotong University
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Factors Influencing Bicycle Sharing System Use: Case Studies of three Southern European Island Cities
Suzanne Maas (suzanne.maas@um.edu.mt), University of Malta
Paraskevas Nikolaou, University of Cyprus
Maria Attard, University of Malta
Loukas Dimitriou, University of Cyprus
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Short-Term Prediction of Bike-Sharing Demand Using Multi-Source Data: An Attention-Based Graph Convolution LSTM Approach
Yuchuan Jin, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Xinwei Ma (230169206@seu.edu.cn), Southeast University
Yufei Yuan, Technische Universiteit Delft
Mingjia He, Southeast University
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Can Bike Share change Attitudes?  Evidence from the Sacramento Region
Dillon Fitch (dtfitch@ucdavis.edu), Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Hossain Mohiuddin, University of California, Davis
Susan Handy, University of California, Davis
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Exploring Self-balance of the Bike Amount of Dockless Bike Sharing
Chao Qi, Southeast University
Xuewu Chen (chenxuewu@seu.edu.cn), Southeast University
Mingzhuang Hua, Southeast University
Shujie Zheng, Southeast University
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Injury Burden of Introducing E-scooters: A review of E-scooter Injury Studies Using Retrospective Review of Emergency Department Records, 2015-2019
Nicole Iroz-Elardo, University of Arizona
Kristina Currans, University of Arizona
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The Impact of Dockless Bike Sharing System on Urban Public Transit Ridership
Tian Wen, Tongji University
Yingying Xing (yingying199004@tongji.edu.cn), Tongji University
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Free-Floating Bicycle Sharing System Service Among Chinese University Students: Adoption, Usage and Satisfaction Analysis
Xin Chen, Southeast University
Zhenliang Ma, Monash University
Guobin Ye, Southeast University
Zhibin Li, Southeast University
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Estimating Environmental Benefits of Free-floating Bike Sharing Based on Life Cycle Assessment and Modal Shift: A Case of Nanjing, China
Jinyang Zhang, Southeast University
Xuewu Chen (chenxuewu@seu.edu.cn), Southeast University
Mingzhuang Hua, Southeast University
Wendong Chen, Southeast University
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Enhancing the Accuracy of Peak Hourly Demand in Bike-Sharing Systems using a Graph Convolutional Network with Public Transit Usage Data
Jung-Hoon Cho, Seoul National University
Seung-Woo Ham, Seoul National University
Dong-Kyu Kim (dongkyukim@snu.ac.kr), Seoul National University
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Understanding How Electric Bike-Sharing System Runs: A Case Study in Shanghai
Jianhong Ye, Tongji University
Ruixiang Zhou, Tongji University
Jiahao Bai, Tongji University
Lei Gao, Tongji University
Ruixin Chen, Tongji University
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Patterns and Predictors of Dockless Bikeshare Trip Generation and Duration in Boston’s Suburbs
Steven Gehrke (steven.gehrke@nau.edu), Northern Arizona University
Bita Sadeghinasr, Northeastern University
Ryan (Qi) Wang, Northeastern University
Timothy Reardon, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
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Equitable Distribution of Bikeshare Stations: A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach
Xiaodong Qian (xdqian@ucdavis.edu), University of California, Davis
Miguel Jaller, University of California, Davis
Giovanni Circella, University of California, Davis
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How Does E-scooter Experience of Street Environment Influence Its Future Mode Choice? Neural Network Approach
Zhejing Cao (caozhejing1120@163.com), Tsinghua University
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E-scooters in urban infrastructure: understanding sidewalk, bike lane, and roadway usage from trajectory data
Natalia Zuniga-Garcia (nzuniga@utexas.edu), University of Texas, Austin
Natalia Ruiz Juri, University of Texas, Austin
Kenneth Perrine, University of Texas, Austin
Randy Machemehl, University of Texas, Austin
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Bikeshare and Subway Ridership Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City
Haoyun Wang (haoyun.wang@rutgers.edu), Rutgers University
Robert Noland, Rutgers University
Peng Chen, University of South Florida
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E-Scooting versus Bicycling and Walking: Faster, More Convenient, and Better in the Heat, but Safety Still a Hindrance
Rebecca Sanders (rebecca@safestreetsresearch.com), Safe Streets Research & Consulting
Trisalyn Nelson, Arizona State University
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Application of Text Mining Techniques on User-Generated Reviews to Understand Scooter Rider Satisfaction
Javad Jomehpour Chahar Aman (Jjomehpour@smu.edu), Southern Methodist University
Janille Smith-Colin, Southern Methodist University
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Investigating the Impacts of E-Scooters on Bike-sharing System Ridership: A Data-Driven Study in Tucson, Arizona
Adrian Cottam (acottam1@email.arizona.edu), University of Arizona
Xiaofeng Li, University of Arizona
Mohammad Razaur Rahman Shaon, University of Connecticut
Yao-Jan Wu, University of Arizona
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Exploring the Influence of Socio-Demographics and Latent Attitude Factors on Intention to Use Bike-Share: A Case Study from “Before” Bike-Share in the Sacramento Region
Hossain Mohiuddin, University of California, Davis
Dillon Fitch, Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Susan Handy, University of California, Davis
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A Framework for Hourly Demand Forecasting of Bike-sharing Stations: A Case Study of the Four Main Gate Areas in Seoul
Jungyeol Hong (jyhongsun@gmail.com), University of Seoul
Eunryong Han, University of Seoul
Dongjoo Park, University of Seoul
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Dynamic Bike Sharing Traffic Prediction Using Spatiotemporal Pattern Detection
Soheil Sohrabi (sohrabi.s@tamu.edu), Texas A&M University, College Station
Alireza Ermagun, Mississippi State University
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A Multi-City Investigation of the Effect of Holidays on Bikeshare System Ridership
Lori Palaio, University of South Florida
Tung Vo, University of South Florida
Michael Maness, University of South Florida
Robert Bertini, Oregon State University
Nikhil Menon, University of South Florida
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Modeling Determinants of Shared E-Scooters Usage in Chicago.
Farzana Mehzabin Tuli, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Suman Mitra, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
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