• TRB 100th Annual Meeting

      January 24–28, 2021

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Poster Session 1293

1293 - COVID-19 Impacts on Bicycling (and vice versa)

Wednesday, January 27 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM ET
Kari Watkins, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Bicycle Transportation (ACH20)


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Title Presentation Number
Effects of COVID-19 on Docked Bikeshare Trips
Theresa Firestine, OST-R/Bureau of Transportation Statistics
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Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the Behavior Change of Cyclists in Lisbon, using multinomial logit regression analysis
Miguel Costa (mncosta@isr.tecnico.ulisboa.pt), Instituto Superior Técnico Universidade de Lisboa
Rosa Félix, Universidade de Lisboa
Mannuel Marques, Universidade de Lisboa
Filipe Moura, Universidade de Lisboa
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Insights into the Impact of COVID-19 on Bicycle Usage in Colorado Counties
Abdullah Kurkcu, Ulteig
Ilgin Gokasar, Bogazici Universitesi
Onur Kalan, New York University
Alperen Timurogullari, Bogazici Universitesi
Burak Altin, Bogazici Universitesi
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Montreal’s Response to COVID-19: An Equity Analysis of New Active Transport Infrastructure
Kevin Manaugh (kevin.manaugh@mcgill.ca), McGill University
Linnea Soli, McGill University
Samuel Kohn, McGill University
Robin Baselaev-Binder, McGill University
Ty Tuff, McGill University
David Wachsmuth, McGill University
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Simulation-based Infection Risk Study on Bike Sharing Systems Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Yang Liu, Old Dominion University
Qingyu Ma, Old Dominion University
Hong Yang (hyang@odu.edu), Old Dominion University
Suzana Duran Bernardes, New York University
Jingqin Gao, New York University
Kaan Ozbay, New York University
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The Impact of Bike Share Services in Disease Transmission: Numerical Exploration of the COVID 19 Spread in Washington DC Through Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis
Mohaiminul Haque, George Washington University
Samer Hamdar, George Washington University
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