• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 2021

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Workshop 165

Urban Form Impacts on Transport Energy Use

Sunday, January 08 1:30 PM- 4:30 PM ET
Knowles Tivendale, Movement & Place Consulting
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation and Land Development (Merged with ADD10 to form Standing Committee on Economic Development and Land Use, AMS50, on 4/15/2020) (ADD30)

This workshop explores issues at the nexus of urban form, transportation energy use, social outcomes, and prosperity. Currently, the land use and travel demand model fields are very different, despite the significant impacts of land use and travel demand on energy consumption. Topics include the D variables—density, design, diversity, distance to transit, and destination accessibility—and their roles in travel modes and transportation energy consumption, as well as the 3 E’s—equity, environment, and economy.

1:30 Welcome & Intro

1:35 Presentation 1 –     Venu Garikapati (Arizona State University) and Ram M. Pendyala (Georgia Tech): Integrated models of travel demand and energy consumption: methodological challenges and data needs

1:50 Presentation 2 –     Gavin Alford and Jeremy Whiteman (Melbourne, Australia): Macro-urban form and transport energy outcomes

2:05 Presentation 3 –     Ralph Buehler (Virginia Tech): Comparison of determinants of CO2 emissions from daily travel in Germany and the US

2:20 Presentation 4 –      Luis Merlin (Florida Atlantic University): Case study on impact of autonomous vehicles from Ann Arbor, MI

2:35 Presentation 5 –     Daniel Paez (Universidad de Los Andes): Planning better public school locations to increase cycling trips: case study in Bogota, Colombia using GIS

2:50 Presentation 6 –   Eric Sundquist (University of Wisconsin): Measuring what matters: new practice around accessibility as a transportation metric

3:05 Panel Discussion – Questions from audience

3:30 Workshop Part 1 – How can we identify best practices and build awareness of them?

3:45 Feedback to group

4:00 Workshop Part 2 – How do we integrate these tools into state, regional and local planning for land use and transportation?

4:30 Feedback to group

4:45 Wrap up and next steps

Title Presentation Number
Integrated Models of Travel Demand and Energy Consumption: Methodological Challenges and Data Needs
Ram Pendyala, Arizona State University
Venu Garikapati, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Subhrajit Guhathakurta
Macro-urban Form and Transport Energy Outcomes
Gavin Alford, ISG Projects
Jeremy Whiteman
Comparison of Determinants of CO2 Emissions from Daily Travel in Germany and the United States
Ralph Buehler, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Case Study on Impact of Autonomous Vehicles from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Louis Merlin, Florida Atlantic University
Planning Better Public School Locations to Increase Cycling Trips: Case Study in Bogota, Colombia, Using GIS
Daniel Paez, University of Melbourne
Measuring What Matters: New Practice Around Accessibility as a Transportation Metric
Eric Sundquist, State Smart Transportation Initiative

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