• TRB 100th Annual Meeting

      January 24–28, 2021

    • Online Program


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Workshop 880

ITS for Crowd Management: Recent Advances in Data and Models

Thursday, January 11 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM ET
Winnie Daamen, Delft University of Technology,
Yufei Yuan, Technische Universiteit Delft

Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (Changed to ACP50 on 4/15/2020) (AHB45)

The number of severe incidents involving large pedestrian crowds has increased in recent decades; causes include overcrowded public transport stations in industrialized countries experiencing reurbanization and increased transit use and a greater frequency of large gatherings, whether organized (e.g., sports events) or not (e.g., Facebook parties, political rallies). Tragedies, like the one in Saudi Arabia in 2015, create societal upset and show the need for improved management of large gatherings.

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