• TRB 100th Annual Meeting - A Virtual Event

      January 2021

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Poster Session 519

Perspectives on Transportation and Sustainability

Tuesday, January 09 8:00 AM- 9:45 AM ET
Yanzhi Xu, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation and Sustainability (ADD40)


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Title Presentation Number
Social Mixing and Home–Work Carpooling
Federico Librino, Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del CNR
Maria Elena Renda, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Giovanni Resta, Istituto di Informatica e Telematica del CNR
Paolo Santi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Fabio Duarte, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Carlo Ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Jinhua Zhao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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“Doing the Right Things” Rather Than “Doing Things Right": A Conceptual Transportation and Land Use Framework for Livability, Sustainability, and Equity in the Era of Driverless Cars
Bruce Appleyard, San Diego State University
William Riggs, University of San Francisco
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Urban Transportation Mode Choice and Carbon Emissions in Southeast Asia
Wei-Shiuen Ng, International Transport Forum
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The Need for a Whole Systems Approach to Climate Governance: Recognizing the Role of Transport Policy in Stimulating Demand
Louise Reardon, University of Birmingham
Greg Marsden, University of Leeds
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Assessment of Physical and Ecological Space Consumed by Transport Modes: A Case of Rajkot City, India
Marie-Eve Will, Technical University of Denmark
Yannick Cornet, University of Zilina
Talat Munshi, Technical University of Denmark
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Nonurban Passenger Travel Demand and CO2 Emissions: A Global Perspective
Guineng Chen, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Vincent Benezech, International Transport Forum
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Sustainability Performance Simulation of the U.S. Urban Mobility Policies
Tolga Ercan, Connected Wise LLC
Nowreen Keya, University of Central Florida
Nuri Cihat Onat, Istanbul Sehir University
Omer Tatari, University of Central Florida
Naveen Eluru, University of Central Florida
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Consideration of Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Bicycle Route Planning
Ji Luo, University of California, Riverside
Kanok Boriboonsomsin, University of California, Riverside
Matthew Barth, University of California, Riverside
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The Impact of the Sustainable Communities Initiative on Regional Transportation Planning
Uri Avin, National Center for Smart Growth
Alice Grossman, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Alexander Bond, Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST)
Sheldon Edner, George Mason University
Rich Denbow, Cambridge Systematics
Kimberly Fisher, National Center for Smart Growth
Derek Lombardi, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
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Which Shade of Green? An Interactive Transport Platform for Sustainable Policy Assessment
Ioannis Tsouros, University of the Aegean
Amalia Polydoropoulou, University of the Aegean
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An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Transport Disadvantage and Subjective Well-Being
Maria Fernanda Viveros, Universidad de Concepcion
Juan Carrasco, Universidad de Concepcion
Alejandro Tudela, Universidad de Concepcion
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Carless in Car Heaven: A Comparison of German and Californian Households
Kathrin Kuehne, Leibniz University, Hannover
Suman Mitra, University of California, Irvine
Jean-Daniel Saphores, Institution of Transportation Studies
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Drivers of Social Interaction: Exploring the Effect of Modality Styles on Face-to-Face Contacts
Dick Ettema, Universiteit Utrecht
Zidan Mao
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Agent-Based Simulation of Automated Electric Taxi Fleets with Variable Battery Range and Charging Station Distribution
Gordon Bauer, University of California, Berkeley
Jeffery Greenblatt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brian Gerke, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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