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      January 2021

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Poster Session 517

Emerging Research in Transportation and Land Development

Tuesday, January 09 8:00 AM- 9:45 AM ET
Noreen McDonald, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation and Land Development (Merged with ADD10 to form Standing Committee on Economic Development and Land Use, AMS50, on 4/15/2020) (ADD30)


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Title Presentation Number
From Peak Hour to Time of Day: A Case Study of a Novel Parking Occupancy Measure and an Evaluation of Infill Development and Carsharing as Solutions to Parking Oversupply
Calvin Thigpen, Lime
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Geospatial Trends in Light Rail Transit's Effects on Nearby House Prices in Charlotte, North Carolina
Yue Ke, Argonne National Laboratory
Konstantina Gkritza, Purdue University
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A Spatiotemporal Hedonic Price Model to Investigate the Dynamics of Housing Prices in Contexts of Urban Form and Transportation Services in Toronto
Jason Hawkins, University of Toronto
Khandker Nurul Habib, University of Toronto
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Influence of Built Environment on Mobility Patterns in Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study in Delhi, India
Amit Arora, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
Sanjay Gupta, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
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Trip and Parking Generation Rates for Different Housing Types: Effects of Compact Development
Guang Tian, University of New Orleans
Keunhyun Park, Utah State University
Reid Ewing, University of Utah
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Exploring ITE’s Trip Generation Handbook: Assessing Age of Data and Land Use Taxonomy in Vehicle Trip Generation for Transportation Impact Analyses
Kristina Currans, University of Arizona
Kelly Clifton, Portland State University
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Impact of Major Road Supply on Individual Travel Time Expenditure: An Exploration Using a 30-Year Variation of Infrastructure and Travel
Ryosuke Abe
Kay Axhausen, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
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Land Use Planning Based on Transportation System Constraints Case Study: Central Business District of Isfahan City, Iran‎
Hadi Karimi, Isfahan University of Technology
Bahador Ghadirifaraz, Sharif University of Technology
Nader Shetab Boushehri, Isfahan University of Technology
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Does Walkability Raise Real Estate Values in Brazil? A Hedonic Model Approach on Rio de Janeiro City
Shanna Trichês Lucchesi, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Ana Larranaga, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Helena Cybis, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
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The Geography of Household Transportation Expenses in Greater Buenos Aires
Erick Guerra, University of Pennsylvania
Camilo Caudillo, Centro de Investigación en Geografía y Geomática (CentroGeo), CONACYT
Cynthia Goytia, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Tatiana Peralta, The World Bank
Camila Rodriguez, The World Bank
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Urban Travel and Residential Choices Across Generations: Results from a North American Survey
Regina Clewlow, Populus
Gouri Shankar Mishra, University of California, Davis
Alan Jenn, Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)
Ken Laberteaux, Toyota Motor North America
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Minimum Parking Requirements and Residential Property Value: Evidence from Bangkok
Chakaphan Chullabodhi, Chulalongkorn University
Saksith Chalermpong, Chulalongkorn University
Apiwat Ratanawaraha, Chulalongkorn University
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Simulation Evaluation of External Costs in Road Transport Under the Openness of a Gated Community
Ming Cai, Sun Yat-Sen University
Jing LI
Haibo Wang, Hebei University of Technology
Zhanyong Wang, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
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Connecting Green Transportation and Land Development in China: Can Transportation Impact Assessment Help?
Xiongbin Lin, Peking University
Jiawen Yang, Peking University
Xiaoyan Huang, Texas A&M University
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Balancing Mass Transit Ridership Through Land Use Development
Pongsun Bunditsakulchai, Chulalongkorn University
Achara Limmonthol, Chulalongkorn University
Jittichai Rudjanakanoknad, University of California
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Using Propensity Score Matching Technique to Address Self-Selection in Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Areas
Arefeh Nasri, University of Maryland
Carlos Carrion
Lei Zhang, University of Maryland, College Park
Babak Baghaei, University of Maryland, College Park
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Embracing Change: Estimating Site Trip Generation for Smart Growth Development
Michael Martin, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Ed Hard, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Brian Bochner, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Kevin Hooper
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The Relationship Between Neighborhood Characteristics and Emergency Health Services Vehicle Demand: A Poisson Hurdle Regression Modeling Approach
Babatope Olajide, Dalhousie University
Muhammad Habib, Dalhousie University
Mikiko Terashima, Dalhousie University
Sara Campbell, Dalhousie University
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A Toolkit for Successful TOD Planning: Evidence from Five American Cities
Shima Hamidi, University of Texas, Arlington
Tahereh Granpayehvaghei, University of Texas, Arlington
Philip Stoker, University of Utah
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Informing the Transportation Impacts of Affordable Housing with Trip Generation Analysis Using Travel Survey Data
Amanda Howell, Portland State University
Kristina Currans, University of Arizona
Gregory Norton, Portland State University
Kelly Clifton, Portland State University
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Effect of Land Use and Road Network on Crime
Soumik Nafis Sadeek, Islamic University of Technology
Abu Jar Md. Minhuz Uddin Ahmed, Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
Moinul Hossain, Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
Shinya Hanaoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Defining Place: A Review of How Place Type Is Measured and Constructed
Kelly Rodgers, Portland State University
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Does Urban Sprawl Exacerbate Housing Foreclosure? A Nationwide Study of Built Environmental Characteristics, Transportation Accessibility, and Housing Foreclosure in the United States
Shima Hamidi, University of Texas, Arlington
Hamid Hajjafari, University of Texas, Arlington
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Diagnosis: A Problem-Oriented Approach to Urban Transportation Planning
Fernanda Duarte Peixoto Soares, University of Toronto
Eric Miller, University of Toronto
Carlos Felipe Loureiro, Universidade Federal do Ceara
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Microsimulation of Life Stages, Residential Mobility, and Location Choice Processes
Mahmudur Fatmi, University of British Columbia
Muhammad Habib, Dalhousie University
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Locationally Disaggregated Accessibility: Analyzing the Impact of Work Locations on Relative Accessibility Gains and Losses
Michael Niedzielski
Mark Horner, Florida State University
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