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Annual Meeting Event Detail

HCQS Group 2 - Uninterrupted Flow Group, AHB40(2.0)

Sunday, January 07, 2018      8:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Marriott Marquis, Monument (M4)
Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson & Ascoaites, Inc.
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service (Changed to ACP40 on 4/15/2020) (AHB40)
Subcommittee on Uninterrupted Flow (ACP40(2))


1. Welcome and Introductions (Schroeder) (15 min)

2. Presentations (Schroeder) (70 min)
a. Australia motorway capacity guide – Introducing the concept of "Maximum Sustainable Flow Values” (Gaffney & Halls) (25 min)
b. Update on NCHRP 17-65 - Improved Analysis of Two-Lane Highway Capacity and Operational Performance (Washburn) (45 min)

3. Two-Lane Highway Subcommittee (Jones) (20 min)
a. Call for 17-65 Method Testing Volunteers (Jones) (10 min)
b. Other Research Activities (All) (10 min)

BREAK (15 min)

4. ATM Task Force Subcommittee (Aghdashi) (35 min)
a. FHWA update on activities related to ATDM (10 min)
b. New material for Ch 17 and 37 follow up (15 min)
c. Summary of the Gaps categorization and prioritization in the HCM ATDM analysis and proposed RNSs in a matrix format. (10 min)
5. Freeway and Multilane Highway Subcommittee (Kondyli) (60 min)
a. Errata and Interpretations (15 min)
b. Weaving methodology: short length vs. density (10 min)
c. Minimum cross-weave length for managed lanes (10 min)
d. Narrow lanes and shoulders effect on speed and capacity (10 min)
e. Prioritization of gaps in the freeways/multilane highways
chapters and methodologies (15 min)

6. Research Problem Statements for Group (Schroeder) (20 min)

7. Items/Motions for HCQS meeting (Schroeder) (5 min)