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Workshop 102

Having the Data Is Not Enough: Communicating Information to Support Evidence-Based Decision Making

Sunday, January 07, 2018      9:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Convention Center, 143A
Debra Miller, University of Kansas
Sponsored by:
Task Force on Data for Decisions and Performance Measures (A0030T)

Transportation agencies are focusing more keenly on providing data and information to support evidence-based decision making, but the evidence can get lost if information is not communicated clearly and succinctly to key political and policy decision makers. The purpose of this workshop is to explore best practices to ensure effective ways to communicate data and information to decision makers through examples and participant discussions.

For past workshops we have created an advertising plan which leveraged our members' professional networks. We will update this plan as a part of our workshop preparation but examples of our past strategies are included below:
1.  Task Force members generally represent key related TRB committees. We will use these liaisons to advertise the workshop to relevant TRB committees.
2. The Task Force includes a member of AASHTO staff. This connection will help us advertise to key AASHTO committees.
3. The Task Force has sponsored a best practice competition in past years which was advertised this competition through committee member connections to APTA, AMPO and NADO. We will use these existing relationships to market this workshop.


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Private-Sector Perspectives on Asset Management Data and Measurement
Mara Campbell, Jacobs
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Data for State Transportation Asset Management
William Johnson, Colorado Department of Transportation
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Financial Data for Transportation Asset Management
Laura Mester, Michigan Department of Transportation
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Transportation System Performance Data for Asset Management
Gregory Slater, Maryland Department of Transportation
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Communicating Data for Decisions
Danny Rotert, Burns and McDonnell Engineering Company
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