January 9-13, 2022
Washington, D.C.
TRB 101st Annual Meeting

Transformative Trends in Transit Data: General Transit Feed Specifications Bonanza

Sunday, January 10, 2016, 1:30 PM-4:30 PM, Convention Center 2016
Catherine Lawson, SUNY Albany, presiding
Sponsored by Public Transportation Group

This open source –o pen data (OS OD) transit workshop will introduce the use of OS software and a key new OD resource: GTFS.   Participants will learn about the creation, use, and application of OS OD with hands-on experience and participate in demonstrations of exciting new uses for transit, including instructions for gaining access to tools and techniques for their own future use.  

An Open Transport Primer
Holly Krambeck, The World Bank
  • Open data standards vs. “regular” standards
  • Open-source software: What does it mean? Why open-source? Where do we find open-source software? How do we create instances?
  • Open data: What does it mean? How do we decide what data should be open? How does one “open” data?
Introduction to the GTFS
Aaron Antrim, Trillium Solutions
  • Brief history
  • Composition and logic behind the structure
Hands on Experiences with GTFS
Aaron Antrim, Trillium Solutions
  • Download a feed from GTFS Exchange or TransitFeeds (objective: introduce source of publically available GTFS feeds)
  • Open the feed and go through the raw files (objective: understand how GTFS is structured)
  • Open the stops and shapes files in QGIS (objective: introduce the most popular open-source alternative to ESRI products).
Holly Krambeck, The World Bank

Open the feed in GTFS-Editor and do a quick walk-though (objective: introduce a tool that counterparts can use to update GTFS data – after having played with the data in its raw state and then in QGIS, participants can appreciate this advance; introduce Open Street Map; introduce TransitWand, an open-source mobile app to collect field transit data)

Open Transit Indicators
John Branigan, Azavea
  • Open the feed in Open Transit Indicators and do a quick walk-though (objective: demonstrate benefit of adopting the GTFS standard for benchmarking and rapidly implementing basic planning analyses in different cities).
  • Present training resources for more in-depth learning
GTFS in Action
Jackie Klopp, Columbia University; Sarah Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Catherine Lawson, SUNY Albany; Drew Dara-Abrams, Interline Technologies LLC


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