January 9-13, 2022
Washington, D.C.
101st TRB Annual Meeting

Building Livability and Measuring What Matters Most

Sunday, January 8, 2017, 1:30 PM-4:30 PM, Convention Center 2017
Keith Robinson, Gray Bowen Scott, presiding
Sponsored by Standing Committee on Landscape and Environmental Design (Changed to AKD40 on 4/15/2020)

Improving livability through transportation-related investments requires innovative and holistic strategies to evaluate the performance of the transportation system. But how do we balance competing needs and prioritize strategies and projects that will yield the greatest quality-of-life return on investment? This workshop draws on panelists’ work helping to identify effective strategies for setting goals and targets and measuring what matters most.

Building Livability and Measuring What Matters Most
Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute; Bruce Appleyard, San Diego State University; Christopher Ferrell, Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities; Carrie Modi, Fehr & Peers