January 13-17, 2019
Washington, D.C.
TRB 98th Annual Meeting

Mobility as a Service

Sunday, January 07, 2018, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM, Convention Center 2018
Soora Rasouli, Eindhoven University of Technology, presiding
Sponsored by Standing Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values

Mobility as a service (MAAS) is a new concept offering demand-responsive mobility solutions to travelers. Several groups around the globe already have begun work on MAAS; so far, published works on the topic focus mainly on explanatory, descriptive analysis or on implementation challenges. This workshop offers an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and authorities to discuss and share their points of view as they tackle critical questions on predicting behavior related to emerging mobility services.

Soora Rasouli, Eindhoven University of Technology


Mobility as a Service: A Critical Review of Definition, Assessments of Schemes, and Key Challenges
Anna-Maria Feneri, Eindhoven University of Technology


Inviting Travelers to the Smorgasbord of Sustainable Urban Transport: Evidence from a MaaS Field Trial (18-00409)
Helena Strömberg, Chalmers University of Technology; I.C. MariAnne Karlsson, Chalmers University of Technology; Jana Sochor, Chalmers University of Technology


Innovation Adoption and Diffusion in Transportation: Modeling the Long-Term Demand for New Mobility Services Based on Platform Technology
Valeria Caiati, Eindhoven University of Technology


Multicycle Model: A Modeling Framework to Evaluate MaaS Contract Schemes (18-01867)
Yohei Fujigaki, University of Tokyo; Kiyoshi Takami, University of Tokyo; Giancarlos Troncoso Parady, University of Tokyo


Panel Discussion
Corinne Mulley, University of Sydney; Harry Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology; Maria Kamargianni, University College London