January 13-17, 2019
Washington, D.C.
TRB 98th Annual Meeting

Performance-Engineered Mixtures: Concrete Specifications for Solutions to Meet Requirements, Part 1 (Part 2, Session 169)

Sunday, January 07, 2018, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM, Convention Center 2018
Jussara Tanesi, SES Group & Associates, LLC, presiding
Sponsored by Standing Committee on Durability of Concrete; Standing Committee on Basic Research and Emerging Technologies Related to Concrete; Standing Committee on Properties of Concrete; and Standing Committee on Concrete Materials and Placement Techniques

Prescriptive concrete pavement specifications place most of the performance risk on the agency and thereby limit innovation. Recent innovations can help advance the specification of performance characteristics and design mixtures to meet requirements. This workshop offers a suite of new AASHTO PP 84 training materials for both agency and contractor staff and provides guidance on concepts related to performance-engineered mixtures, such as climatic region parameters; tools to monitor compliance; new test methods; information on quality-related activities; development of mixtures that meet requirements, improving ruggedness and reducing financial and environmental impacts; and new methods to evaluate concrete performance.

What Is the PEM Program and Why Do We Need It?
Peter Taylor, CPTech Center
Defining the Properties Critical to Long-Lasting Pavement Mixtures
Maria Masten, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Measuring Properties of Long-Lasting Pavements
Tyler Ley, Oklahoma State University
A Specification Based on Critical Properties
Cecil Jones, Diversified Engineering Services