January 13-17, 2019
Washington, D.C.
TRB 98th Annual Meeting

Curbed Enthusiasm: Multimodal Planning, Operations, Enforcement, and Design to Optimize Curb Resources

Sunday, January 07, 2018, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM, Convention Center 2018
Meghan Mitman, Fehr & Peers, presiding
Sponsored by Standing Committee on Pedestrians; Standing Committee on Transportation Issues in Major Cities; Standing Committee on Transportation Planning for Small and Medium-Sized Communities; Standing Committee on Bicycle Transportation; and Standing Committee on Urban Freight Transportation

With the increasing demand for curb space in urban areas and suburban centers, transportation professionals face challenges providing a safe, efficient, and effective system that moves freight and passengers and accommodates transit, transportation network companies, deliveries, parking, pedestrians, and bicyclists. What happens at the curb is important to the planning, funding, design, operations, and maintenance of a safe and efficient transportation system. This workshop is cosponsored by the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Curbside Management: Definitions, Issues, and Opportunities
Matthew Roe, National Association of City Transportation Officials


Breakout 1 - Reseach Gaps and Needs
Ryan McClain, Fehr & Peers


Ideas and Lessons Learned: Case Studies
Lawrence Marcus, Wallace Montgomery


Freight Perspective
Michael Replogle, New York City Department of Transportation


Curb Management: The Secret Tool of Successful Bike Projects
Jamie Parks, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency


Transit Perspective: Accessible Trolley (Streetcar) Stations in Philadelphia
Logan Axelson


TNC/AV Perspective: Ford Smart Mobility
Ryan Westrom, Ford Motor Company


Suburban Perspective: Tucson Mobility on Demand Project
Yi Chang, Regional Transportation Authority (Pima County, Arizona)