January 13-17, 2019
Washington, D.C.
TRB 98th Annual Meeting

2020–2025 Resilience Research Road Map

Sunday, January 07, 2018, 1:30 PM-4:30 PM, Convention Center 2018
David Fletcher, GPC, Inc.; David Ekern, DS Ekern Consulting, presiding
Sponsored by Standing Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection; Standing Committee on Strategic Management; Standing Committee on Emergency Evacuations; Standing Committee on Statewide Multimodal Transportation Planning; Standing Committee on Metropolitan Policy, Planning, and Processes; Standing Committee on Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations; Standing Committee on Intelligent Transportation Systems; Standing Committee on Freeway Operations; Standing Committee on Maintenance and Operations Management; Standing Committee on Maintenance and Operations Personnel; Standing Committee on Aviation Security and Emergency Management; Standing Committee on the Logistics of Disaster Response and Business Continuity; and Section - Transportation Systems Resilience

This workshop provides a forum for transportation stakeholders to draft a program of discovery, exploration, and implementation to develop new resilience-based knowledge and practices, where necessary. The results of the workshop will be incorporated into a resilience research road map containing project abstracts, potential programs, and strategic initiatives encompassing the funding period 2020-2025. This workshop is designed as an exercise involving the diverse interests of research consumers, including agencies implementing research results, research sponsors, and the research community. Participants will develop research concepts during the workshop.

2020–2025 Resilience Road Map
David Ekern, DS Ekern Consulting
Introduction to Transportation Resilience
David Fletcher, GPC, Inc.
Recent Resilient Research
Anurag Pande, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo