• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Poster Session 1213

Visualizing the Census: Innovations in Data Display

Monday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM
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Clara Reschovsky, OST-R/Bureau of Transportation Statistics, presiding
Mara Kaminowitz, Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC), presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems (ABJ30)
Subcommittee on Census for Transportation Planning (ABJ30(1))

Visualizing demographic data used to involve simple charts and thematic maps.  Now, new platforms and advanced algorithms have pushed the limits of data display.  Dashboards and interactive maps allow large volumes of data to be easily digested by users.  New methods are being developed to illustrate margins of error and complex statistical concepts. Infographics and mobile applications help bring demographic information of the public.  This poster session emphasizes new and innovative ways to visualize Census data as well as challenges and lessons learned from translating complex Census data into visual and analytic products.


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Title Presentation Number
Oregon Metro’s Benefit Cost Analysis Toolkit Visualizer
Kyle Hauger, Oregon Metro
San Francisco Bay Area Commute Atlas
Sarah Jo Szambelan, SPUR
Applications of Machine Learning Methods in Using Aggregated Dataset in Macroscopic Crash Analysis
Somaye Garmroudi Dovirani, UMass Transportation Center
GENESIS: Trip Generation Model Using ACS, CTPP, and NHTS Data
Kyeongsu Kim, Connetics Transportation Group
Yohan Chang, Connetics Transportation Group, Inc.
Evaluating Equity in Greater Philadelphia: Using Census Data to Identify Populations and Commuting Patterns for Equity Analyses
Benjamin Gruswitz, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Shoshana Akins, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Kim Korejko, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
What Happened to Our Transit Usage
Tom Vo, Southern California Association of Governments
Jung Uhm, Southern California Association of Governments
Sung Ho Ryu, Southern California Association of Governments
Jung Seo, Southern California Association of Governments
Spatial Representation of the Potential Impacts of Hurricanes on Vulnerable Population Groups
Jaqueline Masaki, Florida State University
Richard Twumasi-Boakye, Ford Motor Company