• TRB 99th Annual Meeting

      January 12–16, 2020

    • Interactive Program


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Poster Session 1227

Bus Transit Research and Practices, Part 1 (Part 2, Session 1568)

Monday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM
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Thomas Schwetz, Lane Transit District
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Standing Committee on Bus Transit Systems (AP050)


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Title Presentation Number
Robust Bus Scheduling Considering Transfer Synchronizations
Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis, University of Twente
Oskar Eikenbroek, Universiteit Twente
Oded Cats, Delft University of Technology
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Designing Bus Rapid Transit Systems: Lessons for Service Reliability and Operations
Oded Cats, Delft University of Technology
Robert Ishaq, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
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Structural, Economic, and Environmental Analysis of Guadalajara Bus Network
Orlando Barraza Aguilar, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Sergio Garmendia, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Miguel Estrada, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
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Optimal Berth Allocation at Bus Terminal Integrated with Passenger Choice of Overlapping Routes
Hui Jin, Soochow University
Haiming Hao, Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiaoguang Yang, Tongji University
Dong Zhang, Dalian University of Technology
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Optimal Operational Strategies for Multiple Bus Lines Considering Passenger's Preferences
Chunyan Tang, Dalian Maritime University
Avishai Ceder, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Ying-En Ge, Shanghai Maritime University
Na Wu, Chang'an University
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Analytical Modeling of Semi-Flexible Transit System: Effect of Service Delivery Type on Operating Cost Efficiency and Critical Passenger Demand
Sushreeta Mishra, University of Manitoba
Babak Mehran, University of Manitoba
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A Compatibility-Based Approach for Routing and Scheduling the Demand Responsive Connector
Yunxue Lu, Southeast University
Hao Wang, Southeast University
Li Wenquan, 东南大学
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The Application and Performance of LSSVM for Short-Term Passenger Flow Forecasting with Diverse Input
Dongya Li, Southeast University
Xuedong Hua, Southeast University
Wei Wang, Southeast Hospital
Pandi Wang, Southwest Jiaotong University
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An Inventory of Bus Stop Amenities Guidelines at U.S. Transit Agencies
Samuel Jensen, University of Arizona
Arlie Adkins, University of Arizona
Keith Bartholomew, University of Utah
Ja Kim, University of Utah
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A POPMUSIC Algorithm for Customized Bus Network Design
Yining Hu, Kyoto University
Nobuhiro UNO, Kyoto University
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Multi-Objective Optimal Allocation of Wireless Bus Charging Stations Considering Costs and the Environmental Impact
Yuval Hadas, Bar Ilan University
Oren Nahum, Bar-Ilan University
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Flexible Bus Dispatching System with Modular and Fully Automated Bus Units
Igor Dakic, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
Kaidi Yang, Stanford University
Monica Menendez, New York University, Abu Dhabi
Joseph Chow, New York University Tandon School of Engineering
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Investigating the Effects of User Behavior and Trip Length Patterns on the Optimal Bus Network Design
Igor Dakic, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
Ludovic Leclercq, Université Gustave Eiffel
Monica Menendez, New York University, Abu Dhabi
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The Influence of Walkability Around Feeder Bus Stops on Rapid-Transit Station Boardings: The Case of Los Angeles Multimodal Transit System
Luis Ramos-Santiago, Clemson University
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Where to First Electrify Bus Transit Routes: A Case Study for Austin, Texas
Jugal Amodwala, University of Texas, Austin
Kara Kockelman, University of Texas, Austin
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Preferences for Autonomous Public Transit Vehicles: Insights from a Survey and a Public Engagement Event in Singapore
Samuel Chng, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Sabreena Anowar, University of Missouri, Columbia
Lynette Cheah, Singapore University of Technology and Design
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A Bi-Level Optimization Model for Exclusive Bus Lane Design to Improve Passenger Travel Time Reliability
Weibin Kou, Beijing Jiaotong University
Xumei Chen, Beijing Jiaotong University
Lei Yu, Texas Southern University
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Optimal Design for Hub-and-Spoke Bus Transit Network with Heterogeneous Demand
Lijun Yu, South China University of Technology
Yizhou Zhu, South China University of Technology
Xue Li, South China University of Technology
Yipeng Peng, HNTB Corporation
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Improving Transfer Time Optimization Modeling for Public Transit Systems
Zahra Ansarilari, University of Toronto
Mahmood Mahmoodi Nesheli, University of Toronto
Merve Bodur, University of Toronto
Amer Shalaby, University of Toronto
Siva Srikukenthiran, University of Toronto
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Reliable Schedule Coordination for a Bus Transit Corridor: A Shanghai Case
Xiongfei Lai, Tongji University
Jing Teng, Tongji University
Paul Schonfeld, University of Maryland, College Park
Lu Ling, Purdue University
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Transit Route and Frequency Design for Environmental Sustainability
Mei Zhu, Southeast University
Zhu Mei, 东南大学
Li Wenquan, 东南大学
Chen Qian, 东南大学
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