• TRB 99th Annual Meeting

      January 12–16, 2020

    • Interactive Program


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Poster Session 418

State Department of Transportation High-Value Research Projects, Part 2 (Part 1, Session 354)

Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM
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Linda Taylor, Minnesota Department of Transportation,
William Stone, Arizona Department of Transportation

Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Conduct of Research (ABG10)
Section - Maintenance and Preservation (AHD00)

This session highlights the top High Value research projects from various State DOTs in the areas of Safety and Maintenance.  These posters represent successful research projects by Transportation Agencies.

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Title Presentation Number
Use of Remote Sensing and a Real Time Decision Support System for Seasonal Load Restriction Timing
Dale Peabody, Maine Department of Transportation
Developing Education and Extension Recommendations on Vegetation Management for the Georgia DOT
David Jared, Transportation Research Board
IBRC / FRT 126 - Repair of I-65 Bridge using CFRP Composites (Phase I, IV)
Abheetha Peiris, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
Evaluation of MSDOT's Distress Thresholds for Maintained Pavement Projects
Feng Wang, Texas State University
Cynthia Smith, Mississippi Department of Transportation
Indiana DOT Crack Sealing/filling: The Best Practices
Jusang Lee, Indiana Department of Transportation
Implementation of a Pilot Continuous Monitoring System: Iowa Falls Arch Bridge
Brent Phares, Iowa State University
Evaluation of Finger Plate and Flat Plate Connection Design
Sarah Orton
Alaa Elsisi
Next Generation Bridge Management Tools and Inspection
Basak Aldemir-Bektas, Minnesota State University
Developing a GDOT Pavement Marking Handbook Using Field Test Deck Evaluation and Long-term Performance Analysis
Binh Bui, Georgia Department of Transportation
Support for the Development and Implementation of an Access Management Program through Research and Analysis of Collision Data
Wayne Sarasua, Clemson University
Evaluation of Deer-Vehicle Collision Rates in West Virginia and a Review of Available Mitigation Techniques
Donald Williams, West Virginia Department of Transportation
Evaluation of Alternative Intersections and Interchanges: Diverging Diamond Interchange Signal Timing
Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
Christopher Day, Iowa State University
Evaluation of Non-Freeway Rumble Strips - Phase II
Peter Savolainen, Michigan State University
Timothy Gates, Michigan State University
Tapan Datta, Wayne State University
Nicholas Nicita, Wayne State University
Minnesota Department of Transportation Metro Barrier Extraction and LiDAR Project
Bruce Holdhusen, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Detection and Warning Systems for Wrong-Way Driving
Sarah Simpson, United Civil Group Corporation
Kohinoor Kar, Arizona Department of Transportation
Evaluation of the Safety Performance of Continuous Mainline Roadway Lighting on Freeway Segments in Washington State
Ida Van Schalkwyk, Washington State Department of Transportation