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      TRB 97th Annual Meeting

      January 7–11, 2018

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Poster Session 204

Congestion Pricing and Managed Lane Case Studies

Monday 8:00 AM- 9:45 AM
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Kenneth Buckeye, Minnesota Department of Transportation, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Congestion Pricing (ABE25)
Standing Committee on Managed Lanes (AHB35)

Congestion pricing applications, including priced managed lanes, cordon pricing, and road usage charges, are a key interest in urbanized areas to address congestion and revenue needs.  This session highlights papers that touch upon best practices, case studies, and research methods in pricing applications.

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Title Presentation Number
Why Price Doesn't Matter--The Problem Is Congestion in Your Managed Lane
Russ McCarty, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Michel'le Davis, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Kathleen McCune, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
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Reliability Assessment for I-35W MnPASS Express Lanes
Paul Morris, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Kenneth Buckeye, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Brad Larsen, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Development of General Data Feed Specifications for Managed and Tolled Lane Facilities
Marshall Ballard, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Arshad Syed, Mott MacDonald, North America
Casey Emoto, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Bus on Shoulders Vision Study in Chicagoland
Srikanth Panguluri, CH2M
John Baczek, Illinois Department of Transportation
What Can Make Congestion Pricing Successful? Tale of Two Congestion Relief Pilot Studies in Connecticut
Yogesh Patel, CDM Smith
Scott Allaire, CDM Smith
I-405 Express Toll Lanes: First-Year Report
Patty Rubstello, Washington State Department of Transportation
Analysis of Concepts of Operation from 10 HOT Lane Projects
Lawrence Glazer, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
I-25 Managed Motorway Pilot Project: Applying Managed Lane Principles to Address Recurring Congestion
Scott Pitera, WSP
David Ungemah, WSP
Darren Henderson, WSP
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Treasure Island Mobility Management Program: Designing an Affordability Program and Transit Pass Component Within a Comprehensive Toll Program
Rachel Hiatt, San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)
Road Pricing Through Financial Derivatives Based on Travel Time
ke wan, Princeton University
Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University
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System Dynamics Approach to Parking Pricing Optimization 1 Based on a CBD Parking Survey
Chen Zhang, Southeast University
Jie He, Southeast University
Lu Xing, Southeast University
Hao Zhang, Southeast University
Ziyang Liu, Southeast University
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Urban Travel Time Variability in New York City: Spatiotemporal Analysis Within Congestion Pricing Context
Anil Yazici, SUNY College, Stony Brook
Ayberk Kocatepe, Florida State University
Eren Ozguven, Florida A&M University - Florida State University
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Next Generations of Road Pricing: Social Welfare Enhancement
Omid Rouhani, McGill University
Arash Beheshtian, Cornell University
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Efficient Frontier of the Trip Schedules in the Morning Commute Problem: User Equilibrium, System Optimum, and Dynamic Pricing
Mahyar Amirgholy, Cornell University
Eric Gonzales, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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Application of Traffic Thermostat for the I-30 Managed Lanes in Dallas, Texas
Nicholas Wood, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Mark Burris, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Tina Geiselbrecht, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Natalie Bettger, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Dan Lamers, North Central Texas Council of Governments
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Evaluation of Operational Effects of I-66 Active Traffic Management System
PilJin Chun, VHB
Michael Fontaine, Virginia Transportation Research Council
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Simulation-Based Determination of Minimum Routing Decision Distance for Managed Lanes: Case Study of I-295 in Jacksonville, Florida
Kelvin Machumu, University of North Florida
Thobias Sando, University of North Florida
Enock Thomas Mtoi, Florida State University
Deo Chimba, Tennessee State University
Valerian Kwigizile, Western Michigan University
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Simulation-Based Comparative Performance Measures for I-295 Express Lanes in Jacksonville, Florida
Kelvin Machumu, University of North Florida
Thobias Sando, University of North Florida
Enock Thomas Mtoi, Florida State University
Angela Kitali, Florida International University
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Attitudes Toward HOT Lanes with a Refund Option
Sravani Vadlamani, Arizona State University
Yingyan Lou, Arizona State University
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