• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Lectern Session 420

Current Regulatory Environment for Highly Automated Vehicles

Monday 3:45 PM- 5:30 PM
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Steven Shladover, University of California, Berkeley, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Vehicle-Highway Automation (AHB30)

This panel discussion considers the current state of development of regulations to govern the safety of automated driving systems based on recent legislation and the updated policy guidance from NHTSA.  Speakers representing NHTSA, states, vehicle developers, and traffic safety advocates will discuss the available options for promoting safety assurance in the absence of explicit federal regulatory requirements and in the situation in which the federal government is discouraging states from stepping into the breach to protect the safety of their road users.

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Title Presentation Number
Perspective from NHTSA
Stephen Wood, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Perspective from American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
Catherine Curtis, AAMVA
Perspective from the Calfornia Department of Motor Vehicles
Bayliss Camp, California Department of Motor Vehicles
Perspective from American Automobile Association
Kathleen Bower, American Automobile Association (AAA)
Perspective from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
David Kidd, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Perspective from Capitol Hill
Cherilyn Pascoe, U.S. Senate