• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


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Lectern Session 729

Applying Research to Improve Traffic Monitoring Practices

Tuesday 6:00 PM- 7:30 PM
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Wiley Cunagin, Atkins, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring (ABJ35)

The field of traffic monitoring involves program planning, design and evaluation, and data collection, analysis, and reporting. This session presents research aimed at improving traffic monitoring practices for all modes, with a focus on emerging traffic monitoring data acquisition and processing methods and tools.

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Title Presentation Number
Development of Statewide AADT Estimation Model from Short-Term Counts: A Comparative Study for South Carolina
Sakib Khan, Clemson University
Sababa Islam, Clemson University
MD Zadid Khan, Clemson University
Kakan Dey, West Virginia University
Mashrur Chowdhury, Clemson University
Nathan Huynh, University of South Carolina
Mohammad Torkjazi, University of South Carolina
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Comparison of Two Short-Period Traffic Count Duration/Cycle Specifications in the Accuracy of Their Predictions of Annual Average Daily Traffic at Coverage Stations
Michelle Edwards, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Daniel Badoe, Tennessee Technological University
David Lee, Tennessee Department of Transportation
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Viability Evaluation of Estimating Axle Factors and Axle Classes from Vehicle Length Data
Raul Avelar, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Scott Petersen
Tomas Lindheimer, City of College Station
Sruthi Ashraf, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
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Video Tool for Manually Extracting Complex Traffic Data
Abhilasha Saroj, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Nishu Choudhary, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Han Gyol Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Angshuman Guin, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Michael Rodgers, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Michael Hunter, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
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Challenges in Monitoring Regional Trail Traffic
Greg Lindsey, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lila Singer-Berk, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jeffrey Wilson, IUPUI
Eric Oberg, Rails-To-Trails Conservancy
Tracy Loh, George Washington University
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