• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


Annual Meeting Event Detail

Poster Session 577

TRB’s Transit IDEA Program: Sponsoring Innovation in Transit

Tuesday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM
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Velvet Basemera-Fitzpatrick, Transportation Research Board, presiding
Sponsored by:
Public Transportation Group (AP000)



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Title Presentation Number
TRB's Transit IDEA Program
Velvet Basemera-Fitzpatrick, Transportation Research Board
Transit IDEA Project 85: Location-Aware Networks Optimizing Use of Transit Systems by Blind Traveler
Yariv Glazer, ILANS, Inc.
Transit IDEA Project 84: Development of Mass-Based Automated Passenger Counter
William Northrop, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Shawn Haag, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Aditya Salapaka, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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Transit IDEA Project 86: Advanced Neutral Temperature Estimation Using Solitary Waves (ANTEUSW)
Piervincenzo Rizzo, University of Pittsburgh
Amir Nasrollahi
Transit IDEA Project 87: Development of pathNav: A Pedestrian Navigation Tool That Utilizes Smart Data for Improved Accessibility and Walkability
Eric Sinagra, pathVu