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      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

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Lectern Session 359

Lessons Learned in Safety Management: A Time to Reflect—Hybrid Session

Monday 1:30 PM- 3:15 PM
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Frank Gross, VHB, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Transportation Safety Management (ANB10)


Evaluation is a key component of data-driven decision-making and should be standard business practice for transportation safety management programs. Through evaluation, we will know if our efforts are making a difference, or if we should pursue a different course of action. This session will showcase the results of several program evaluations from the U.S. and internationally. Using a hybrid approach, each speaker will have approximately 7 minutes to provide an overview of their research and results. This will be followed immediately by a poster session where you can interact with the speakers for more details about any aspect of their research.

Title Presentation Number
The Road Safety Lessons of Australia
Wesley Marshall, University of Colorado, Denver
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Serious Road Traffic Injuries in Europe, Lessons from the EU Research Project Safetycube
Wendy Weijermars, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research
Niels Bos, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research
Annelies Schoeters, Belgian Road Safety Institute
Klaus Machata, Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV)
Ashleigh Filtness, Loughborough University
Jean-Christophe Meunier, Belgian Road Safety Institute
Robert Bauer, Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV)
Nina Nuyttens, Belgian Road Safety Institute
Katherine Perez, Agencia de Salut Publica de Barcelona (ASPB)
Jean-Louis Martin, IFSTTAR
Emmanuelle Dupont, Belgian Road Safety Institute
Laurie Brown, Loughborough University
Heiko Johannsen, MHH
Pete Thomas, Loughborough University
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Cost–Benefit Analysis of the Highway Safety Improvement Program Projects in Wisconsin Using Empirical Bayes Method
Yashar Zeinali Farid, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Yu (Fred) Song, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Andrea Bill, University of Wisconsin, Madison
David Noyce, University of Wisconsin, Madison
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An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Highway Safety Laws to Reduce Crashes: Use of Multivariate Dynamic Tobit Models
Chunjiao Dong, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Shashi Nambisan, University of Alabama
Chunfu Shao, Beijing Jiaotong University
Jin Zeng, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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In-Depth Investigation of Factors That Contributed to the Decline in Fatalities from 2008 to 2012 in the United States
Srinivas Geedipally, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Daniel Blower, University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute
Carol Flannagan, University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute
Robert Wunderlich, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Dominique Lord, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
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A Decision Support Toolkit to Inform Road Safety Investment Decisions
Joe Matthews, Newcastle University
Keith Newman, Newcastle University
Amy Green, Newcastle University
Lee Fawcett, Newcastle University
Neil Thorpe, PTV Group
Karsten Kremer
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Factors Influencing Policy and Political Leadership in Improving Roadway Safety
Matt Schmit, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lee Munnich, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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Impacts of State Specific Policy and Legislation on Safety Advancement by Departments of Transportation
Jennifer Ogle, Clemson University
Sababa Islam, Clemson University
Kweku Brown, The Citadel
William Davis, The Citadel
Wayne Sarasua, Clemson University
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