• Transportation Research Board

      TRB 98th Annual Meeting

      January 13–17, 2019

    • Interactive Program


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Poster Session 322

Data-Driven Analysis of Intersection Operations

Monday 10:15 AM- 12:00 PM
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Anuj Sharma, Iowa State University, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Traffic Signal Systems (AHB25)


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Title Presentation Number
Data-Driven Ranking of Coordinated Traffic Signal Systems for Maintenance and Retiming
Christopher Day, Iowa State University
Howell Li, Purdue University
James Sturdevant, Indiana Department of Transportation
Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
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Estimating Intersection Control Delay Using High-Fidelity Commercial Probe Vehicle Trajectory Data
Howell Li, Purdue University
Rahul Sakhare, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Jijo K Mathew, Purdue University
Jamie Mackey, Utah Department of Transportation
Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
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Critical Traffic Signal System Performance Measures to Monitor During Construction
Lucy Richardson, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
Tom Platte, Indiana Department of Transportation
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Developing an Actuated Signal Control Strategy to Improve the Operations of Contraflow Left-Turn Lane Design at Signalized Intersections
Jiaming Wu, Southeast University
Pan Liu, Southeast University
Xiao Qin, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Huaguo Zhou, Auburn University
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Arterial Coordination Performance Evaluation Using Low-Penetration and Low-Frequency Probe Vehicle Data
Wangyue Huang, Tongji University
Li Zou, Tongji University
Wanjing Ma, Tongji University
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Queue Length Estimation Considering Spillover Conditions Based on Low-Resolution Point Detector Data
Keshuang Tang, Tongji University
Jiarong Yao, Tongji University
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Identifying Need for Changeability of Traffic Signal Control Through Clustering of Multiple Field Traffic Data
Nikola Mitrovic, Florida Atlantic University
Aleksandar Stevanovic, Florida Atlantic University
Djurdjija Mitrovic, Florida Atlantic University
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Evaluating the Three-Year Rule for Retiming Coordinated Traffic Signals Using Simulation with Real-World Traffic Data
Emily Humphreys, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Steven Click, Tennessee Technological University
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Effects of Mobility, Safety, and Emissions on Signal Timing Optimization
Gustavo Riente de Andrade, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
Lily Elefteriadou, University of Florida
Mohammed Hadi, Florida International University
Vishal Khanapure, University of Florida
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Evaluating the Performance of Coordinated Signal Timing: A Comparison of Common Data Types with Connected Vehicle Data
Stephen Remias, Wayne State University
Christopher Day, Iowa State University
Jonathan Waddell, Wayne State University
Jenna Kirsch, Wayne State University
Theodore Trepanier, Inrix, Inc.
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Evaluation of Multiple Hardware and Software in the Loop Signal Controllers in Simulation Environment
Nikola Mitrovic, Florida Atlantic University
Aleksandar Stevanovic, Florida Atlantic University
Sharmin-E-Shams Chowdhury, Florida Atlantic University
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Building Intelligence in the Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures with Advanced Data Analytics
Tingting Huang, Iowa State University
Subhadipto Poddar, Iowa State University
Cristopher Aguilar, Northern Arizona University
Anuj Sharma, Iowa State University
Edward Smaglik, Northern Arizona University
Sirisha Kothuri, Portland State University
Peter Koonce, City of Portland, Oregon
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Developing a Framework of Eco-Driving Application for Semiactuated Signal Control Considering Queue Effects
Saleh Mousa, Louisiana State University
Ragab Mousa, Cairo University
Sherif Ishak, Old Dominion University
Osama Osman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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Assessment of Traffic Signal System Performance Using Vehicle Trajectories
Marija Ostojic, Northwestern University
Archak Mittal, Ford Motor Company
Hani Mahmassani, Northwestern University
David Hale, Leidos, Inc.
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