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      TRB 97th Annual Meeting

      January 7–11, 2018

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Poster Session 636

The Future Is Here: Major Advances in Pavement Management Systems

Tuesday 1:30 PM- 3:15 PM
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Linda Pierce, NCE, presiding
Sponsored by:
Standing Committee on Pavement Management Systems (AFD10)

Pavement management systems are experiencing transformational change as data are turned into information for better decision making and as our understanding of the underlying processes and mechanisms driving performance continues to advance.  The breadth and depth of the presentations reflect this unique moment in the pavement management field.

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Title Presentation Number
Effect of Selected Factors in the Highway Performance Monitoring System on Pavement Condition
James Bryce, Amec Foster Wheeler
Gonzalo Rada, Amec Foster Wheeler
Amy Simpson, Amec Foster Wheeler
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Effect of Measurement Variability on Overall Pavement Condition in the Highway Performance Monitoring System
James Bryce, Amec Foster Wheeler
Gonzalo Rada, Amec Foster Wheeler
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Multiobjective Metaheuristics for Decision Making in Pavement Management
Lin Chen, Chang'an University
Theunis Henning, University of Auckland
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Maintenance Thresholds for Management of Highway Porous Pavements
Longjia Chu, Chang'an University
Tien Fwa, Chang'an University
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Sensitivity Analysis of Performance Metrics to Different Parameters in Pavement Management System
Fengdi Guo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Omar Swei, University of British Columbia
Jeremy Gregory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Randolph Kirchain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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A Case Study of Overweight Traffic on Pavement Costs: Application of Overweight Permit Database in Analyzing Impact of Shale Gas Development on Louisiana Roadways
Xiaohui Sun, Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC)
Zhong Wu, Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC)
Kevin Gaspard, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
Tyson Rupnow, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
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Estimation of Axle Load Distribution for LTPP Sections Using Traffic and Geographic Data
Pedro Serigos, Amec Foster Wheeler
James Bryce, Amec Foster Wheeler
Barbara Ostrom, Wood.
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Network-Level Pavement Maintenance Decision-Making Optimization Based on Comprehensive Ranking of Road Sections
Hongmei Li, Nanjing Institute of Technology
zhen shen, Nanjing Institute of Technology
Qiao Dong, Southeast University
Jianlin Shang
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Development of a Cracking Performance Prediction Model for Replaced Concrete Slabs in California
Ashkan Saboori, University of California, Davis
Jeremy Lea, University of California, Davis
Venkata Kannekanti, University of California, Davis
Arash Saboori, University of California, Davis
John Harvey, University of California, Davis
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Investigating Cost-Effective Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategies Through Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) by Incorporating Variation in Performance Based on Material Types and Traffic Levels for Ontario Highways
Gulfam Jannat, University of Waterloo
Susan Tighe, University of Waterloo
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Cost–Benefit Estimate for Skid Resistance Improvements at the Network Level Using Markov Chains
Oscar Daniel Galvis Arce, University of Texas, Austin
Juan Porras-Alvarado, WSP
Zhanmin Zhang, University of Texas, Austin
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GIS Integrated Methodology for Identifying Pavement Preservation Candidates in South Carolina
Franklin Reed
Jennifer Ogle, Clemson University
Bradley Putman, Clemson University
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